3 thoughts on “LTMs?”

  1. They haven’t been adding them as much as they did back in ch1 we only
    Get a few like solid gold

  2. Solid Gold ran from v20.10 to v20.20 I think.

    They ran Close Encounters, Solid Gold, and Unvaulted for 2 weeks each last season.

    I really hope this dry spell ends soon. There are a lot of LTMs that I wish they would run. We’re 143 days into this Chapter and they’ve barely run any. By this point in Chapter 2 we had all of the Operations LTMs. I forget what else though. I know they ran the Storm King one in C2S1. They also had daily LTMs for Winterfest in that season. Otherwise, I don’t remember the start of Chapter 2 being so scarce with the LTMs as this chapter has been.

  3. we’ll sometimes get solid gold but that’s about it, I hope disco domination comes back someday

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