Make original starter whites available on a vendor.

With the announcement that whites and grays are being added to the transmog pool, we should be able to buy the old appearances that got removed in 9.1.5. Some of the old starter gear looks really nice and simple and it’s pretty unfair that it’s just completely unavailable. There was no barrier to entry or skill thing like challenge modes or mage tower it was, did I keep white robes on my character.

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7 thoughts on “Make original starter whites available on a vendor.”

  1. Most likely they’ll do the same thing they did when they first introduced transmog – you automatically got transmog appearances for quests you had completed, so I’d say you will automatically get the starter transmog for your class, making a vendor unnecessary.

  2. DraymondShldntWear23

    Let me sell my Rugged Trapper’s Vest for a huge payout first.

    Also, we knew about them being removed for quite a while. You could have made a level one of every type (there were plenty of spreadsheets out there) and sent the gear/weapons to a bank alt.

  3. Blizzard said when they removed the old starting gear that they will add a way to get them back. I’m guessing this will be part of that

  4. It would take longer to travel to said vendor then to create a new character called xdgtyejgppi and have the set added straight to your collection.

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