39 thoughts on “Maybe this is the rework reinhardt needs?”

  1. He should be able to slide around with his boosters rather then his pin. It will give him mobility that he desperately needs

  2. His new ult: picking up a hero and throwing them into the enemy team, causing everyone hit to explode. :3

  3. What if Rein takes like 15% less damage while charging, that honestly sounds like a really good idea to me.



    I definitely didn’t use to main reinhardt or something

  4. Ok, thoughts on replacing charge with a meter ability that increases Foward movement speed?

  5. neutrinoburrito

    Either let him slide around, let his hammer do more dmg, or make his attacks knock people back further so he can have some easier booping power.

  6. LandscapeConscious43

    could you imagine the pov if rein just grabs your face and charges you across the map? but you are below him.. terrifying

  7. TheStellarJay1

    Can we change the charge animation to make him grabbing their face instead of just pinning them

  8. im a rein main i agree we should give him every single thing he could do in the cinamatic and more also make bullets do nothing to him if they touch his armor

  9. Incomplet_1-34

    Bastion needs this rework too, they now do 500% less damage and take 800% more. Fuck ’em

  10. Just a normal grab ability that allows either an immediate slam or a throw, would be sick and kind of simple

  11. To be honest, change the charge to something like that would fit the theme of ow 2, gameplay wise (which is faster, in my opinion)

  12. Personally love rein the way he is and am really sad for these track changes tbh. Guns really throws off the momentum of the matches for me

  13. Throwing Hammond into the enemy team and hearing a “strike” sound would be incredible

  14. FlyingDutchmanSigma

    Tbf i think Rein shield should no longer give him a slow since now Orisa too doesnt slow while attacking and Sigma never had a slow applied while setting his barrier. It’s only fair imo

  15. PvE talent tree idea, let drifting be easier while charging, while also making him be able to pin 5+ enemies with him so he can smash them all into a wall or off the map

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