Media Guidelines Trial | Content containing stock media is prohibited


Welcome to the second Media Guidelines Trial!

This trial will run from now until **April 28th**.

You may recall the previous trial, which [prohibited stock media outside of text posts]( The purpose of *this* trial is to test prohibiting the use of stock media on the subreddit entirely.

For the next 2 weeks, posts containing stock media are prohibited. You must use your own content, or properly credit the original creator if posting someone else’s content, in accordance with the other [subreddit rules and policies]( Stock media is considered to be any officially released media from Epic Games (photos, videos, etc.).

The following clause is currently in effect for the duration of this trial, and can be found under [Media Guidelines]( within the Rules wiki:
> Content containing stock media is prohibited

You are welcome to leave feedback in the comments section of this post, but please be aware that a dedicated feedback thread will be posted after the conclusion of this trial.

*Please note that the results of these trials do not guarantee that change will occur, and that their primary purpose is to accumulate data.*


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11 thoughts on “Media Guidelines Trial | Content containing stock media is prohibited”

  1. Was there a trial that prohibited low effort google image question posts like “WHAT IS YOUR FAVORTITE (something) or WHAT DO YOU THINK ABOUT (something)?

  2. Can the next Media Guideline trial prohibit the overused meme format of characters standing in a POI with a back and forth dialogue exchange?

  3. I have a feeling that this is a bit too far. I mean, what if you want to make a meme about, say Klombo. He’s vaulted, so people would have to probably use a stock photo of him as opposed to going as far as to build a full on model in creative or something like that. I think this rule is too far.

  4. I’m kinda mixed on this.

    One hand it will help clear some posts up, but at the same time, making a post about something like different items and opinion and discussion posts are made harder to make since you have to take the images yourself, and the replay feature can be a bugger sometimes.

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