15 thoughts on “Mercy kimono skin!”

  1. I got a lot of nice comments in my last post so that encouraged me to draw up some other ideas I had! Ngl I went way overboard with this and I’m not entirely happy with it because of that but I figured since I put so much time in it I might as well post it. I took a lot of inspiration from Yuugiris backstory in Zombieland saga and Demon Slayer.

  2. Considering that Mercy has probably the highest overall skin-quality in the game, it’s saying a lot that this doesn’t fall off in the slightest in comparison.

    I love it. We need skins from different cultures in Overwatch besides the chinese ones we get every single year and this is a great one!

  3. Someone’s been watching too much Demon Slayer lol

    I dig the idea of her in a Kimono / Yukata, but what’s putting me off on this design is how it relates back to the character Daki.

    Daki was an Oiran, AKA a fancy prostitute.

    Nothing against sex workers, but I think it reflects poorly on Mercy to dress up like an escort..

  4. It’s pretty work, if a questionable theme.

    But personally, it always makes me a bit uncomfortable when skins (and note, Blizzard themselves is super guilty of it with the LNY skins) have heroes not of the culture not simply wearing ethnic garb, but also have their hair/eyes/makeup changed to look like that ethnicity. It feels rather yellowfacey to me.

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