Monster théorie sub Catus


Ok there was a time when I proposed a theory to the youtubers Nanass which said that the aliens would have put a cube under the map in the season 7 trailer. And I’m talking about that again because I tilted some incredible things. In fact, I don’t know if you remember, but we heard strange noises in the center of the map in chapter 2 in the crater in season 7. Like a monster, but which was very deep. And the opening of the alien ship sounded like robot aliens in a movie. And now we know that the island chapter 1 and on the other side, and in the center of the island there is the skull of catus. And we hear a monster under the skull of catus. And if the monster below and a monster from the cube that the queen would have put. Because yes for me she came to the island because the arrow and a point to tell the ultimate reality that this reality must be destroyed. Because we know that the arrow has the power of the cube thanks to raze. And the foundation would have created it for the ultimate reality to attack and the IO to be distracted for the 7 to attack. But he wouldn’t have planned to return the island. But then I think the queen was aware of the plan of the foundation (but of course he lied to the queen) That’s why in this music she says “Your fight with the 7 is in vain”. And she would have put a monster at the same time under the map so that if the foundation ever betrays it, she can counterattack. Especially since I remind you of something, in the Ice King’s castle there was a table with 5 chairs. In addition, each King and Queen has their own monster (Ice King: Catus, Fire King: unknown because hybrid only comes out of the eggs of the monster in question, Water King (pirate, because yes for me he can be part of it because it has a skeleton variant, but maybe not): A large kraken). Because yes, each king has a queen, ice queen was released in stores, fire queen was in the past in combat season 8. So we could assume that the queen also has a monster or monsters. In addition, the opening of the ship resembled the sounds of Alien from the movie “War of the Worlds” which appeared while being planted in the ground by lightning. To further confirm.
After this is one more supposition but without proof, but we could perhaps that during a season, during the event, the cube monster could come out to attack the zero point. And the queen of the cube will be there. But the origin will want to reason with the queen to join them because the power of the cube destroys her internally. But she will never accept and he will have to control the cube monster to fight her, but it will give him back the power of the cube and therefore be consumed by this power.


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