Moon Knight’s next appearance in the Item Shop


I was wondering if anyone has a clue of when Moon Knight could return to the Item Shop next time? I checked the appearance history for several Marvel outfits on Most of them has a period of about 3 months between their first and their second appearance. Do you think Moon Knight will appear after about the same length of a period? Maybe at the end of this summer, or maybe after these two weeks with Fortnite X Star Wars (May 17)?

(I was aware when he was going to leave the Item Shop, but that happened right before the release of the last episode of the show Moon Knight (2022). I loved the show after watching 5 episodes, but I didn’t want to risk buying a skin before watching the entire show, just in case I didn’t like the show anyway.)


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2 thoughts on “Moon Knight’s next appearance in the Item Shop”

  1. I would say around the summer. Also I recommend paying close attention to Fortnite’s socials. They usually give a heads up when stuff rotates out of the shop. My guess is the next time will be the summer after they release all the marvel collab comic books. You also do have refund tickets (if you were to buy the skin and not like the show). I haven’t yet watched the show but bought him anyways hoping I will like it 😆

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