Murloc Monday – ask your questions here


*Aaaaaughibbrgubugbugrguburgle! RwlRwlRwlRwl!*

That’s murloc for “Welcome to Murloc Mondays” – where people can ask any type of question about WoW without getting strangled by a Death Knight.

Questions can range from what’s new in Shadowlands, what class is OP, and how many Demons will it take to down Thrall?

Questions can come from brand new players, players returning, or veteran players who never got a chance to ask the right question.

Afraid of not getting an answer? Rest assured, we know that at least 90% [of questions get answered!](

You may want to look at /r/wownoob as well!


Here are some handy guides to [start your adventure in Shadowlands for the first time]( or [start World of Warcraft as a brand new player]( or [start Classic World of Warcraft as a brand new player](

Unless you played in the current expansion, pretty much everything has changed. If you’re returning after a very long break, check out the [WoW Returning Players Guide](


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46 thoughts on “Murloc Monday – ask your questions here”

  1. Good sources for pvp guides? Or at least some tips from other players.

    I’ve been doing arenas recently as a DH and find that I always win one, lose one and feel like there’s more I can do. I’m fairly quick to react but I find sometimes things like a rogue stun lock or mage constantly freezing just shuts me down hard. Is there anything a DH can do to avoid getting nuked essentially? Any tips from high CR DHs would help, damage is not an issue for me atm

  2. Are the glory of the different raider achievements still possible? example being ulduar: razorscale dies without me even hitting him so “iron dwarf, medium rare” seems impossible.

  3. Is there a way to put the looting messages in their own chat channel, not completely get rid of them? I like having them but they’re annoying when I’m trying to chat with guildies and I’m in a TW dungeon where everyone’s looting like 5 things from every mob.

  4. This is kind of a stupid question. I am coming back after a looong time away. I love archer classes but hate pet classes. Is the Marksman Hunter really pet free or are pets so baked into the hunter cake that you’ll have to use a pet some or even most of the time?

  5. Why do streamers/content creators have multiple armor pieces in their bags? I get having a pvp/off spec set but it seems like I see people with 3 or 4 leg pieces in their bags constantly?


    edit: bt “legs” I mean non trinket/”usable” armor pieces

  6. Can I level-up by soloing old raids/dungeons?

    Haven’t played retail for a long time, only Classic. I want to eventually transmog my Paladin to phase 1 BiS and was wondering if I can just try to farm these items as I’m leveling.

    I looked up that Sulfuras can be equipped at lvl25, so could I solo MC at lvl25?

  7. Hey! Is their an ethical way I can say I’m a twitch streamer to players without self promoting? I do want to disclose that I’m live but also not get banned haha

  8. Hi, I just hit lvl 60 and have still one Shadowlands Zone to go. When I logged in today, I saw that we are currently in Season 3. My question is, since apparently Season 4 is around this summer, will current Season 3 transmog items be unavailable? And if yes, does it take long to get those 3 sets? Of course I wont get the Mythic Raid or Elite Arena appearance, but I thought maybe I still have a chance for the raid finder and/or normal pvp version..

  9. Hey!! So I first played near the end of BFA but never actually got to end game, got my character to 120 and just stopped playing cause of school and stuff. Anyways I am returning would love to get into the endgame and gearing up. I created a Warlock this time and am returning with a friend of mine but were set on leveling together so I have to wait for him to be on so we can grind up to 60. I would really like to make another character to play when he’s not on so I can scratch that WoW itch. Anyways…

    With that being said since im honestly pretty new should my second character just be a Warlock as well so I can focus on really learning the class or should I just make something different for the sake of expanding my game knowledge.

  10. Do you think the Dragonflight preorder will include Shadowlands? I just came back to the game and have been leveling and not really interested in endgame now but 9.2.5 looks neat. Just don’t want to purchase Shadowlands if it will be included in the preorder which I will be getting.

  11. Hey!

    I last played right after WoTLK released – at the moment I’m leveling a Druid in the Legion campaign and a hunter in the BfA one.

    I’m really bummed I missed out on Legion, it seems really cool (love the zones and story) while BfA is fun as well it’s not quite the same.

    I would love to get to the end and ‘finish’ Legion’s story but I don’t really want to do it alone (and I suppose you need bigger groups to do the raids?)

    Are there legacy guilds that focus on certain expansions or should I wait 8 years for Legion Classic?

  12. Thinking of resubbing this weekend to goof around in battlegrounds. My main (ret pally, 207 ilvl) is at renown 28 with Kyrian – I quit playing while Nathria was still relevant.

    Can someone tell me or point me to an easy to understand guide on the best way to catch up my renown? I believe renown factors into honor gear, and thats what I will be primarily collecting.

    Initial scan seems like I will be doing a lot of campaign quests to catch up?

  13. Hey. Im a absolute noob and wanned to ask where do i get good gear for my warlock? Like for example specific dungeons or quests?

  14. Hi, I’m new to wow and I love mounts, I’ve been trying to get the drakes from Malygos and was wondering if I could get more than one chance a week doing it with class trial characters. Can we do dungeons/raids with them? And if we can, do I get to use the loot (the mounts) on my main?

  15. Hi all. The last time I played was in BFA. I don’t have the time and resources anymore to play the game but will still like to play Shadowlands for the lore. When Dragonflight comes out, will Shadowlands come to the base game? And if so, will it be an option to level up 1-20 in it?

  16. Hello, just got a quick question about sylv lockout. Can you kill Tara and KT then save that lockout and skip straight to Sylv in future, or do you need to do every boss bar Sylv?

  17. I’m looking for someone to tell me everything that is weekly so I don’t miss those. I saw 3 world bosses, torment of torghast and a quest to do in zereth(allies assisted) is there anything else that is weekly?

  18. So can I really not get the 278 ilvl conduit upg item for alts without completing entire 9.2 campaign on each of them? Does not feel worth the trouble, despite being at 3k+ score, still upgrading conduits doesn’t feel like doing whole campaign again. Super weird to demand big achievement like 3k score or mythic raid and then also demand casual shit which isn’t account wide.

  19. Anyone know if I can upgrade a rank 4 legendary directly for rank 7? What if I want to change the slot from shoulder to ring? Coming back from patch 9.0 trying to catch-up

  20. can you do tbc/vanilla/wotlk dungeons at 50? they say 1-50 but does that mean you can still queue for them AT 50 if you stop your exp / dont have Shadowlands?

    I forgot I had a level 50 already but the answer is no, you cant. I just go to chromie and she says Shadowlands needs help

  21. You can’t train your profession while you are on free trial? Do you have to suscribe before you can raise them? I was mining and collecting herbs while I am giving a shot at the game before deciding if I’ll go all in and pay and saw my abilities in the profession are not getting higher.

  22. I misunderstood the Recruit a Friend requirements, thought my partner had to have purchased game time to qualify for RAF, and found out last night when we purchased game time that, no, in fact, her account was too old (right at seven days, all played on the trial) and no longer qualified for RAF.

    I’m, obviously, really bummed out about this. Is there really nothing that can be done?

    Edit: I was able to communicate with a GM and get my partner’s character transferred to a new account that qualified for RAF! Since we bought Shadowlands and game time so recently, we were able to get fully refunded as well!

  23. Is there a list or any places to see recommended addons coming back to the game? i’m unsure what is used now or how the game has changed since the start of shadowlands

  24. I’m quite a new player. Playing as a fury warrior – I can get 2 weapons increasing my DPS by 10 or so but will lose around 20 strength stats.

    Is it worth it? Or should everything go into your primary stat while leveling

  25. I got home from work a few mins ago. Sit down queue up for the lfr weekly. I need some gear in there. I get thrown into a group that already has 2/3 killed. I leave immediately, I wanted all 3 or to just do a different wing instead. So after leaving I get a 30 minute leaver queue. Why on earth does it work like this? Could they not implement a second box to tick or something if I want only groups that aren’t halfway through? I’d rather wait longer. It also just contributes to a bad cycle. If I were to stay I’d get drops from the 3rd boss, then need to queue (and wait in queue a second time), fight the first two bosses. Now I have no incentive to stay so I repeat the cycle of messing up groups by leaving. Who does this help!? Why does it work this way? Is there something I’m missing?

  26. PvE DPS Players – which do you enjoy most, melee or ranged?

    And which is your fav class & spec at the moment?

    Getting back to Shadowlands after casually leveling a fury war to 60 last year and doing some low M+

    I think ele sham looks pretty cool to try out.

  27. What version of the game is it easier to get back into right now – TBC or Shadowlands? I have max level characters on both versions and my wow ich is back, and i was wondering in which version would be easier to catch up right now?

  28. I was an early adopter of WoW back when it firs came out and generally played all the expansions on release up until a few years ago. I am thinking about getting back into it now that 3 of my kids are old enough to play it with me (and to get them away from ROBLOX). What is the state of the game right now? I have seen mixed reviews online and some people are saying both the game and Blizzard are a shutdown atm. I know Redditors will give it to me straight. Would you advise going back to the game now?

  29. I wanna go back to some of the BFA dungeons for transmog purposes. How hard is it to solo them when you’re level 60 or so?

  30. I want a new flying mount. My alliance mage has been riding only a griffin and I’m low key sick of it.

    Can I buy any new flying mounts on the auction house? If not, where do i get them?

  31. Just came back after quite a few years. how do I go back to the Zan-Tien assault for the cloud serpent mount? It’s just Shao-Tien mogu now.

    EDIT: Checked patch notes and the i still have to do the questline for ivory CS. It was in a patch released WELL after I stopped playing. Sorry about that

  32. Is there an LFG or other area where I can meet friends who can help me in my realm? I am kinda new still to the game and wanted to meet other people in game without feeling lonely all the time.

  33. Long time away returning tank here. Is defense/Dodge/parry/block still a thing? I remember having to have mitigation at a certain level before trying to start tanking. I still have a macro for crushing blows if that ages me. Also, is aggro all Str based?

    Looking forward to tanking again, but don’t want to be an asshat my first level 60 dungeon back. If there’s a subreddit for tanks I may have missed it. Thank you.

  34. What would be the minimum ilvl to tackle the Mage Tower? Thinking about resubbing just to mess around in the Tower with a few characters, but don’t want to invest too much time in “Catching up”, I’d prefer to play casually and avoid raiding and m+ if possible.

    My character hit ilvl 215 before I unsubbed, has heroic and some mythic Nathria loot.

  35. Constantly hurting for gold, especially with legendary items off the charts in my AH. Would love to hear some tips on getting gold from y’all!

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