9 thoughts on “My friend and my’s first win: Nov 7th 2017”

  1. That scream at the end “YEEESSSS WE WON!!” perfectly captures one of the things I miss the most about old Fortnite. Winning with friends used to be so damn hard back in Chapter 1 BUT I loved it. I loved the challenge, strategy, nonstop disappointment, and then the very rare moments where you FINALLY get a win due to hard work and good plays. That doesn’t happen anymore because Epic hands out wins like participation trophies 😔

  2. You got carried so hard in that final fight I know you didn’t feel THAT good about the win hahaha. I’m sure you redeemed yourself after that tho.

    Edit: Jesus people, this was a funny comment made from someone that also fucks up when things get rough, even OP joked about missing everything.

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