13 thoughts on “My problem is not being able to edit smoothly”

  1. Ambitious_Book9803

    youre better than i am and a lot of players. and ive been playing on and off for over a year.

    but i dont “grind” or practice because my level of care about fortnite is very low.

  2. Your edits are coming along wonderfully!

    Smooth edits come with spending time grinding them. I’ve spent hours (not all at once!) grinding edit maps. You should start there, doing one or two tunnels every day before you play. Personally, I’ve been doing Raider’s warm course ([here’s a list of all raider maps](https://www.fortnitecreativehq.com/creator/raider464/)) + Teadoh’s [season 2 warm up](https://www.fortnitecreativehq.com/creator/teadoh/) (you can adjust it to warm up the skill you want to work on) + some random freebuilding map.

    You also need to work on editing efficiency and crosshair control. In those raider maps I linked, there’s one that shows you the path to take your cross hair when you do edits (I *think* it’s a mechanics map? Been a sec since I used it. Teadoh has a version in the season 2 warm up map as well). You want your cross hair to travel the smallest distance possible so the edit is quick.

    The last thing is just that you should try to do edits from right to left. It feels counterintuitive, but when you edit incorrectly, your crosshair is looking away from where you are trying to go/whoever you’re trying to shoot. Editing from right to left guarantees your character model won’t be blocking your opponent, and makes it so you don’t have to flick back to shoot

  3. Worldly_Swordfish235

    I haven’t playing build mode or creative since zero build introduce but i use L3 to edit pull everything smoothly , i mean it takes time to adapt the control but edit will going to be way morensmoother than holding O button ,just a suggestion

  4. you’re not gonna get help here lol this sub hates building

    I think your problem is that you try to edit too fast, make sure you can do it correctly consistently before you start doing it fast.

  5. Maybe practice on raiders 646 peace control maps soo you could get faster edit speed and building plus learning how to peice control and

    Change your edit bind to left or right stick
    I reccomend right stick for xbox and left for ps4 or ps5

    If claw

    Change it to the top button of your controlr
    In ps4 its the black pad what i like to call

    In xbox change it to y

    Im bored so i wrote this stupid one also
    Buy the back buttons if you have money

  6. Bro this shit happens to me fucking all the time… 60fps and around 30 ping… or my smg will put itself away mid fire… these 2 problems lead to 80% of my deaths

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