9 thoughts on “My variant style of “Sentinela” skin vanished, i can’t change the style.”

  1. CEO_of_Redd1t

    Stop trying to get a free style. Like the other guy said, doesn’t look like Ou eve unlocked it.

  2. Overlord_Yosai

    bruh, I don’t see any other skin than rox and sentinel, you didn’t event get to tier 99. As well that epic disabled option to view the dark style if you didn’t get tier 99

  3. if you have dark sentinel, then where is bunker jonesy, and vega, and stratus, and demi, and vendetta?

  4. Exciting_Machine3191

    Are you trying to wear that style because it looks similar to the Omega Knight skin?

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  6. Looks like you ndver unlocked it, I don’t see vendetta so it’s a pretty obvious tell

  7. bnc_sprite_1

    Unless you have the tier 100 skin from Ch1 S9, you’ll need to prove it. I see nothing from here visually that you played more then only the start of Ch1 S9.

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