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Hi all,

I came back to wow just three weeks ago. This week i started pushing high keys. With ilv 257 (hc level ilv) i managed to time a 17 and quite a few 15-16s.

In bfa i could barely time a 15 with mythic ilv gear, current equivalent smth around 278?

Question – do you also feel like shadowlands +15 is like a bfa +12?

Maybe its just because its season 3?

Im just a bit confused how did i push these keys being such a noob and having low ilv.

Is it the legendaries? Im 2set havoc dh.


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7 thoughts on “Mythic + difficulty question”

  1. I posted this in another thread. But I strongly believe we’re seeing some serious rating inflation at the moment.

    15s feel way easier than they did back in S1. 18s onwards currently feel like 14s and 15s did back in S1. The full reward i.e. the port caps out at 20s currently. I highly suspect at some point during Dragonflight they’ll make the gear cap at 20 or something.

  2. I believe it is because the design of the dungeons.

    Almost everything is very hallway like without big open areas where you have to sneak past mobs that you are on the cusp of pulling. This makes is so that the option for routes is fewer which increases group synergy. People generally expect a similar path. Even non linear ones like TOP are very simple once you choose a wing.

    I love this new design, and is part of why I loved waycrest manor.

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