22 thoughts on “new crew pack lookin good”

  1. Could have been cool but they went a bit Overboard with the design there’s just too much going on. Maybe it’s because people were complaining about last months skin being too simple. If she didn’t have those extra limbs that knee that pops out and if her arms were not distractingly short this could be cool

  2. Greenbomber128

    Here’s a question about the loading screen, if her arms are bound and she has a number similar to a prisoner, then why does the loading screen show she made the robo arms with her bare hands? Also this skin is amazing

  3. This skin sucks… expected better. She’s hideous. We got two amazing months with Tracy Trouble and Sayara. I guess that ends with this chick 😢

  4. Burrito_Loyalist

    What the actual hell are they doing with the crew skins?

    Is it just me or is every crew skin horrible? What even is this? Vague tactical skins with hoodies or straps everywhere. Who are these skins for? You guys are paying $12/month for mediocre skins?

    Maybe it’s worth it for the 1000 vbucks, but I’d rather pay $10 for 1000 vbucks than $12 for 1000 vbucks and trash items. Yes you get the battle pass for free, but we don’t get a battle pass every month.

    Honestly, I’m baffled. The only crew skin I bought was Loki, which was well done and interesting. All these other skins are… I don’t even know, random and boring? Help me understand.

  5. Crew is a complete let down. Always was and should be!Mostly there for a good skin once in a blue moon to get suckers to sign up and forget to cancel or just overall not that bright and want it anyway.

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