20 thoughts on “New Doom skin bug be looking shiny!”

  1. There’s been a few times when I’ve seen a skin full gold. And then was upset it did not last.

    Widow’s scorpion skin and the last time I think it was reaper’s evermore remix skin

  2. UnderwaterParadise

    Hear me out – make this a real skin and call it King Midas. Goes with the gold fist, obviously, and it explains why even the fabric has turned to gold.

  3. Proposal: Temporarily add gold skins like this for the winning team skins of the most recent OWL tournament. It would be a nice perk for the fans of that team, and people may buy more OWL skins for their main or something so they can have the gold skin, whose ever it is.

  4. Shiny Metallic skins like this would have been better for the remix event

    Or how cool would it be to match the Golden Guns?

  5. MyGoodFriendJon

    It would be interesting if they went this route for competitive players that already have most gold weapons. Make a gold skin for an additional 3000-5000 CP as an unlock after the gold weapon is purchased.

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