New to the game, will I be able to buy the Spider-Man skin again? I just missed it


I haven’t played since 2018, but with the no build mode I’ve gotten back into it and it’s so much damn fun.

I just missed the battle pass with spidey, and I would love to Rock that skin but I haven’t seen him in the shop in a few weeks either… Will he be available to purchase again?


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9 thoughts on “New to the game, will I be able to buy the Spider-Man skin again? I just missed it”

  1. The rock was exclusive to last battle pass, same with spider man. But Tom holland spider man is an item shop skin and will most likely come out in the next marvel shop

  2. the spider man skin from c3s1 as of right this second will never return epic has not ever had a battle pass skin return but who knows. there is another spiderman skin coming in june with the fortnite/marvel crossover comic.

  3. what spider-man the nwh or the comic book spider man because if you are for the second one then soory to tell you he will never return

    but the no way home may come back in 100 days if i belive it right

  4. Comic spiderman won’t return

    Tom Holland will return at some point

    The foundation played by the rock won’t return as he was last seasons “secret skin”

  5. Ok, so:

    -The first comic book Spider-Man (red/blue outfit, symbiote, and Future Foundation) are gone forever. He was in the last battle pass.

    -The No Way Home suit (Tom Holland) is in the item shop rotation and could return at some point.

    -A 5-issue Fortnite/Marvel comic crossover series called “Zero War” is coming out soon. Each issue includes one code for a reward, and there’s another bonus for claiming all of them.

    The first comic (which has a June 8th release date) comes with a new, and unknown, “Spider-Man based outfit”. If you live in the US or any country with those comics, try that.

    (And if not, it will come to the item shop “at a later date”).

  6. Your actually in luck. Fortnite is having a Marvel comic coming out in June and it’s highly likely we get new Wolverine, Spider-Man, and Iron Man cosmetics. You could also pick up Spider-Man (Far From Home) who is already in the game, just wait for a Marvel shop to happen. They usually come back every month or so.

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