Night Cycle Time? – White Slurpfish

Did the night cycle timer change? when the sun set at the beginning of the match, it rose again before the first storm cycle. That means the night cycle is about 3 mins. I’m trying to catch the white slurpfish but it’s near impossible to fish all the holes in time at loot lake to accomplish this.


Even so, I’ve fished ~30-40 holes at night (with the pro rod) at loot lake with no luck catching the white slurpfish this season. Has anyone found it at a different location?

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1 thought on “Night Cycle Time? – White Slurpfish”

  1. Isn’t the white slurpfish found in mountain areas such as Logjam lake (where I found it) or the northern coasts? Anyways Loot Lake accounts for “Swampy areas” so in any case the only exclusive fish you can get there is the cuddle jellyfish. About the daytime cycle, yeah it’s terrible because you get nearly no time to even just attempt catching the fishes you want.

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