Offering help with the heavy sniper quest

Incase you didn’t complete the quest yet because of the shitty spawnrates of that thing, I have one in a tent. You can play duos with me; we’ll drop at tilted on the building where the tents are, i’ll give you the sniper and you shoot the tank. Then you can give it back and i’ll put it into the tent again incase i need it later.

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6 thoughts on “Offering help with the heavy sniper quest”

  1. The really annoying thing is as soon as you’ve done the challenge they seem to be everywhere 🫤

  2. For anyone who can’t find one, the Imagined NPC at the IO Station in the far NE of the map (East of the ruins and NE of the Bugle) sells a heavy sniper.

  3. Can you help me with the Lantern Trials quest instead ? My username is obrangara and I’ll log on in about 2hr 30 min

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