19 thoughts on “one of the most underrated skins that exists (season 9 black sentinel)”

  1. I’m sad that I completely missed out on this season. I had just moved and didn’t have internet connection for months.

  2. love this skin but i’d be lying if i said it didn’t look like an omega knight wal-mart version

  3. season 9 battle pass in general was really underrated, it sucks that the loot pool was so mid that season it could have been great

  4. I personally main this skin, sad that not a lot of people were able to get this form. Has lots of good combos cosmetic wise.

  5. WeAllFloatDownHere00

    This the ai that hunts you down with a charged shotty in that mando’s manhunt gamemode. Killed me several times.

  6. TheScreecher187

    I rock this from time to time, my brother usually rocks the normal one because it looks both like a Gundam and a chicken. But yeah grinding for it was a pain!

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