One thing I want to see in Dragonflight is Toy cooldowns drastically reduced


Blizzard’s attitude towards toys has been abysmal. They constantly have ridiculously long cooldowns that limit their usage. Excluding the annoying toys there is no reason these toys should have long cooldowns.

Blizzard needs to recognize that toys are a means of self expression and character customization. The game doesn’t have much cosmetic customization so anything that can add more should be embraced.

To give an example the [Infested Automa Core]( puts a core with vines on your back. That is a nice bit of customization to differentiate your character from others and a means of self expression.

What is the cooldown for this toy? 5mins up and 10 mins cooldown. Why not 1 hour up 1 min cooldown. It’s a toy. It doesn’t hurt anyone. Why be so needlessly restrictive.

Let’s take it a step further. WoW doesn’t have a height slider. Why not add some toys that make the character model slightly larger or slightly smaller as a substitute. There is so much potential with toys for customization of character appearance and it’s currently wasted.


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33 thoughts on “One thing I want to see in Dragonflight is Toy cooldowns drastically reduced”

  1. One argument has been made by Blizzard is they don’t want players to be permanently under effects. But I have so many toys I easily could be.

    There is no mechanical difference between 6 toys lasting 10 mins, and 1 for 1 hour.

  2. You also have the problem of things that should very obviously be toys that for whatever god awful reason are not. The starlight beacon I think it’s called is a good example. It’s only usable in broken isles, and creates a bubble of stars that you can fly in, but is not considered a toy but a regular item that now sits collecting dust in my bank. To a lesser but probably just as reasonable extent, you also have the instruments of bastion. There are a few toys that give buffs to you or someone else, it would make sense to have them as toys instead of bag washers, but those are a little more understandable for why they aren’t toys- probably because the buff might be too strong. (Idk I only have the drums)

  3. Why not make all toys that apply a cosmetic effect to your character be like Heartsbane Griminore? It has no cool down whatsoever. Can literally chain cast it. The effect lasts for 1hr. Absolutely, hands down, the best toy in the game (for me).

  4. Agree 100% There are some really nice toys that I’d love to use more but I can’t because then ‘I’ll have too much fun…?’ Seriously doesn’t make sense.

    Also, obligatory Inky Black Potion toy. And not the homebrand Shadescale

  5. Also zone restrictions!
    Get rid of them!
    Why can I only use some toys in Draenor or Broken Isles!!!
    I would also like fun trinkets to be usuable or “upgraded” to higher ilvls.
    Like the Perfectly Preserved Cake trinket or Remote Guidance Device.
    I know balancing it will be hard at end game but it’s also another form of customization for our characters. It just feels like such a waste that you can only use these cool trinkets for a few months until the ilvl gets raised again.

  6. Vrykul drinking horn should be the model. It’s become a defining trait of all my characters, no matter what Armor type, to be slightly bigger and wearing a horned helmet.

  7. Back when I played my DH I would constantly use Darkspear Pride cause I wanted to be a Troll really bad. If they basically allowed it to be up 24/7 I would totally do it.

    However, the confusion it would cause is probably why they won’t do it.

  8. I’d like more attention that entire tab in general. In addition to reducing toy cooldowns, they need to make them easier to sort and use. Hopefully the UI updates improve the toy/mount/etc stuff.

    Some toy ease of use ideas:

    – Add autocast. Like with a hunter’s pet and growl, you can select a toy to have it autocast on cooldown. This would let us automatically maintain something like the pretty fairy wings from Ardenwealde.

    – Split toys into multiple subgroups, such as summoned objects, visual auras, minigames, utility, etc. Improve the searching by letting us look based on what the toys do, maybe have separate pages on the side of the toy tab akin to archaeology’s races.

    – Add a toy flybar, similar to hunter pet commands. Let us put some favorites in there and drag it to an action bar.

    – Add use random favorite like with mounts – but give us more types of ways to favorite selections. I don’t want to summon my stampwhistle or use a hearthstone, for example, but I want it easy to find those. Subgroups would help with this.

    – Add a NEW tab/filter/ordering/something for transmog, toys, etc. Let me easily see all I got after running an old raid. The current version just shows you new above an item, but it’s hard to quickly see where in your overall collection the object is unless you remember the page number.

    – Add a toys section to the AH. I believe they are currently under misc (maybe this exists now with the revamp?)

    – Add a toys filter to crafting, instead of just has mats/level up (and one for mounts and materials and and and…. The existing filters need a lot more in general.)

    – Add some sort of way to make it easier to see if you can get a toy. Players use add-ons for this, but if there was something in game that would be great, like a collector mode button you can click when viewing the map that adds an overlay of icons in areas you can get toys, mounts, achievements, akin to how we currently see stuff like quests on our map.

  9. how do we think this plays against super annoying toys from an audio perspective? I love all the visual stuff but toys that either make a lot of noise or make all nearby characters do stuff seem like they could stay on a long cooldown and that’d be fine 🙂 maybe more options on my side to manage those? they don’t seem like simple tradeoffs when you consider all they items there have ever been…

  10. If they make it so only you can see the toys and its effects awesome but if it’s a toy that’s going to be spammed and bog down my coal ran steam powered piece of shit PC than no thanks.

    Or even if they had an option to block other players toys effects would be good

  11. “We’re sooooorry. But the technology just isn’t there right now. We heard your feedback, but lua coding is hard and best we can do is change that 1 hour to a 7 hour cooldown now.”

  12. Playing devil’s advocate; the catch, I think, is that they’d need to draw some lines. It’s a form of self-expression, but not all it may be equally understated or appropriate. For example, would my Simian Sphere be inappropriate to have on all the time? Would permanently using the dagger weapon appearance toy from Timeless Isle make sense if I’m a class that can’t mog to daggers by design? Stuff like that, where it might be over the top or otherwise be at odds with what existing systems for expression allow or disallow by design.

    Allowing for functionally permanent self-expression via a single toy or combination of toys means they need to go over the lot of them and make choices. If they don’t want to allow any particular ones, they put themselves in a position where they need to justify that and risk singling out players who wanted them. There’d undoubtedly be an extra level of scrutiny over toys if they became a more important element of character expression. Plus, you can probably assume the compatibility of toys would become a concern too; it suddenly matters more if they’re meant to be a part of constructing your character.

    You could argue that part of the reason toys are so numerous and varied to begin with is that they all come with a clause of non-permanence. There’s a bunch of them that would likely have never been added if the idea was that they’d be on 24/7. I’m all for more character customization in general, but I don’t find the limitations on toys surprising; their design and the breadth of what they allow is heavily informed by their impermanence and presumed separation from character identity.

  13. When I read the title of this post I immediately thought of the infested automa core too. Picked it up last night and thought it would be really cool on a druid or shadow priest(assuming it’s affected by shadowform).

    Then I saw the cooldown and don’t know why I expected otherwise.

  14. The only thing i sacred of is them putting all the toys on gcd and making it impossible to call toys by id number.

    Long live toy chandelier on every spell cast.

  15. I like the originality of a clear character, you still have the transmogs to personalise yourself, a better thing to do is to add just more transmog that are like toys, for example the real money murlocs on the back

  16. Toys hurt the server. Or at least, that’s what I think I remember us being told.

    Before toys you used to have players make Firework macros, you could fire off a shitload of them and spam the button all day. I imagine toys are now “somewhat” more complicated and could theoretically bog down the server if too many calls were being made.

    Now, why some toys have a stupid long cool down? I have zero idea. I think the agreed upon method the community came to was they just throw darts at a board because a lot of the time it doesn’t make sense.

  17. Agreed. Fucking 1-3 hour long CD’s??? Fucking why???

    Transmogrifier for the boss, a paid toy, is on a 1hr CD and I cant use another losers toy if I dont like the boss I get because all i get a fucking Blood elf bosses and im a blood elf already

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