40 thoughts on “Opinion: Huntmaster Saber should have been the secret skin this season.”

  1. Unlike the season x complete redesigns that’s just a reskin, whoch I’m glad isn’t in the bp

  2. Seeing all of these comments about Huntmaster Saber being a reskin of Master Key makes me wonder if anyone’s actually seen Master Key.

  3. Heavily disagree

    No reskins should ever be in the battle pass

    Edit: I should have specified that reskins and outfit changes are two different things
    I had never seen the first skin of this character before but the way it was described to was that it was this but different colours

  4. I disagree. He’s a reskin, marvel collabs as secret skins are boring but I’d rather have that than a reskin

  5. AbletonRinzler

    Man… I’ve been waiting for when Huntmaster Saber becomes a skin since the start of the Season. When will Epic do so?

  6. I’d be willing to bet he’s in a pack with the IO versions of Vi and Doggo from one of the survey leaks.

  7. Actually adds him to next battle pass like Gunnar as if no one will notice

    Edit: did not know he was a reskin, wow

  8. Honestly, i hate that for pretty much the entirety of chapter 2, and all of chapter 3 so far the “secret” skin is a collab. For 3 seasons straight the tier 100 skin is a Marvel collab, like come on. I didn’t play during Chapter 1 but i wish the secret skins were actually secret like back then,

  9. davidiusligman

    Nah, I like Fortnite having collabs, that`s what I“m playing for, so I was happy to unlock Prowler

  10. not secret skin, but should have been tier 1 instead of tsuki 2.0

    although I wouldn’t hate him being the secret skin as much as prowler

  11. X-ShadowSurfer-X

    No. If anything, crew pack. He’s literally a reskin of a battle pass skin, that being Master Key. Crew is ok but BP is a no go.

  12. Alphasilverhawk

    I can see why you say that, but it would’ve set a bad precedent to have a previous BP skin to be in a new BP, as the additional skin (hate using the phrase “secret skin” to describe the 8th BP outfit).

    But if you’re wanting him, he’ll come to the shop soon, presumably in a pack with two other skins turned into I.O. Forces

  13. I could see him being that 25 level pack skin like Monarch, with his 2nd style being the one you fight at the battle zones

  14. I think he should be in a pack with other IO skins that have been reskinned maybe in the item shop or something like that

  15. chICken_oN_G-fUeL

    Well I don’t see a reason why not, they also could’ve made it that you needed to kill him in-game to claim his outfit like they did with wolverine

  16. DontStopMeGaLo

    I like, how literally no one it talking about Peely getting his agent counterpart in C2S2, yet Season X was mentioned million times. I guess… We don’t talk about Peely-ly-ly-ly!

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