29 thoughts on “Opinion: lightsabers are useless”

  1. I have been absolutely destroying people with the light saber, dodge and block until you get within range then if you can hit all of the combo they typically are dead. I am having so much fun that I honestly don’t care if I get smacked in the back of the head by another light saber user. Ultimately something I think this sub manages to miss is a sense of humor, because what other game can one team mate bounce a player into an ambush of 2 more light saber wielders? Or attempt to do that but kill themselves with the storm because they missed with the shockwave grenade.

  2. Eh, I find them fun, honestly though the blaster seems to have been buffed because I’m loving it this time around.

  3. QuestionableEthics1

    IDFC, me see funny saber, me turn into an unstoppable jedi. Me have fun.

  4. FrederickFazbuford

    Lightsabers aren’t supposed to be a new broken weapon. They’ve just been added for fun, and that’s how I’ll use them.

  5. If someone is building up I’ve found the lightsabers to be extremely good because if you time it right the final blow of 150 damage matches up with when the builds fall or break enough to hit the player. Depends on how you fight but yeah if you are out in the open trying to block shots its likely not to work

  6. PeaceForgotten

    Run and slide direct at player while have lightsaber out and then just keep hit them. Other player panics if you do that, and is wipe out before know what to do. I finally won 2 solo game for first time since before season by use that method. Had several fun lightsaber battles too

  7. Fortnitelover7193

    It’s fun but it is slightly “useless” because with the auto shotgun it mk7 its easy to die

  8. All_Skulls_On

    Maybe they didn’t think to rebalance the lightsabers for the current meta. The guard break was put in to stop people from infinitely shielding themselves from bullets (which was awesome btw), but the guns today are a lot different from how they were when lightsabers were last around.

    Everything shoots way faster so the guard gets broken way easier, yeah I hear ya.

  9. i destroy people who use those, you cant just stay back and block, go at them with it. id carry grenades and shockwaves if i were you,

  10. Last year, they were incredibly strong, but that’s a different meta. This year, they’re still good for taking down builds, but they’re not the powerful weapon they were. That’s fine.

  11. Big_Dream_Lamp

    They’re op and ruin the game. They have horrible syncing problems. watch Ninja’s video. These syncing problems been here since season 11. At least they nerfed the guard but sucks when I was trying to do that challenge.

  12. Petergriffinscrableg

    feels like i’m in order 66 whenever my teammates die and i’ve got 2 people gunning me down in like 0.7 seconds with SMGs or MKs

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