opinions on jetpacks?

I’m curious, what are yall’s opinions on jetpacks. i personally think they’re a little op, i was in trios with my friends we got gunned down by 3 ppl with them. another match, a single person took us down. i just dont like them personally. so what do yall think.

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10 thoughts on “opinions on jetpacks?”

  1. I don’t find them to be OP.

    They’re easy to hot drop and steal from those blimps, and they’re sold by an NPC somewhere.

    But if you want for shits and giggles, make it lock on capable regarding the launcher. Would be funny as shit to see someone panic and land and try to drop the jetpack while the missile is coming.

  2. Effective-Interest28

    IMO, shouldn’t be in Zero Build mode. I’m fine with them in normal modes though.

  3. Ultimately impartial. I enjoy the mobility they offer and the lanes of fire they open up, especially with sniping. At the same time I don’t find them impossible to deal with either.

    I only play no build at the moment though so take that as you will.

  4. I ignore them to the point that I sometimes even forget they’re in game. I tried them briefly and discovered they hinder my movement too much, plus I’d rather have double meds or shockwaves.

    I play builds unless my friends drag me into no builds.

  5. With a full coordinated squad they’re op in zero build. Can’t tell you how many times me and the boys pull an operation soaring eagle on people. The panic it creates is great

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