Orc shaman or vulpera for PvE?

Hey guys,

So, recently I’ve unlocked the vulpera but I’m not 100% sure if it’s worth switching to it from orc, I saw that top players from raider.io playing vulpera but what differences are between them and why should I switch?

I play mostly M+ dungeons.


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9 thoughts on “Orc shaman or vulpera for PvE?”

  1. In Terms of damage/healing it’s not gonna make a difference, however do yourself a favor and go for an orc. As vulpera you have to swim in some sections of some dungeons (DoS in the ardenwald section and plaguefall come to my mind) and it can be very annoying

  2. There are precisely two ‘mechanical’ effects that differentiate Vulpera from Orcs.


    Vulpera are shorter, and so short that in some dungeons they have to swim instead of run.


    Vulpera have slightly more bag space than ANYONE else.


    Otherwise, as far as Mythic+ Dungeons go, there’s no difference at all. So I say go with the one you prefer aesthetically.

  3. yawgmothhagain

    Vulpera is fun and cute. But I’ve had bad experiences with LoS on them since you’re short.

  4. A friend of mine plays goblin for the rocket jump. He used to play a hunter and having a disengage is quite nice to have. But other than that, play what you want.

  5. i can’t decide between these two races as well…. i really want to go vulpera but im afraid that ill have trouble transmogging them

  6. Race is mostly an aesthetic thing, especially in PvE unless you’re like, ridiculously min/maxxing. Just go with the aesthetic you like the most

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