27 thoughts on “Our Match Decided To Have Two Torbs Hammer It Out For The Match”

  1. Everyone: hyped about a potential melee hero called Magnus is next.

    Me: knowing there already is a melee hero

  2. DevilsAdvocake

    This is the kinda stupid shit we’d do all the time in tf2. Glad to see it again.

  3. I remember a contenders match in Australia did the same thing but when capturing oasis city center

  4. “I feel very very small, please hold me” I swear to god why do I keep seeing those kind of messages or messages like “I’m very sleepy, bla bla bla” something like that?! Can someone explain why i keep seeing that?

  5. ThePerfectionistt

    I had one match where we had two Lucios battle it out to see who won the game, I should’ve recorded it lol

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