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  1. To be fair the marketing or just overall communication about “what is” Overwatch 2 has been horrible. At first they were very clear Overwatch 2 isn’t a new Overwatch they’re just adding a single player game and some PVP tweaks….which was *revealed* in 2019. So there’s been at least 4 years of work on it and we’ve been drip fed information where you go okay wow this must be a big overhaul.

  2. Graphics engine upgrade, all character model refresh, effects refresh, UI refresh, core PvP rule changes (5v5, Push, removal of 2cp), new maps, new heroes, PvE story mode, across the board hero rebalance.

    Is it RDR2? No, but it’s definitely not FIFA 22.

  3. Half the community: “The game’s the same, what’s the point? I’m not playing anymore!”

    Half the community: “5v5 is too different. I’m not playing anymore!”

  4. It’s free. It should have just been called overwatch 2.0 instead of a sequel. I blame Activision for that. But it’s Overwatch. Not a brand new game.

  5. You know it really feels like what fighting games release as a seasonal patch like the last 2 for DBFZ and the last major patch for SFV…FOR FREE. Halo, TF2, R6:S, For Honor, FortNite, Apex hell even SW:BF2 after it was “dead” all put out equally or more content with a update, again, for free.

    This isn’t even “Overwatch Champion Edition”.

    They completely dropped support for the first game 2 years ago and what they have to show for it? An large content patch. They cut the tanks down to 1 buff their health and nerfed DPS damage to compensate.

    They put a score board in. Something they refused to do cause it would promote a toxic environment since the beta of the first game even before they put in PotG and medals.

    The UI looks worse, I thought it was place holder for second. They took all the personality out of the UI and made it so cold and boring almost like, for it to be easier to see during the OWL matches.

    Now if the PvP parts are just a massive update and they sell the PvE fine, but if you don’t care about the PvE you’re paying for a literal content patch that took 3+ years to make.

  6. AtomicstereoZ10

    I’m just tired of playing support characters and then getting shit on for not healing or blocking enough yet having the most in the points at the end.

    I feel like people suck lately and it’s not about having fun anymore.

  7. I disagree. After playing the beta, I can safely say that this game feels different and fun. The game plays differently, feels different, and has completely new playstyles. I love it so far

  8. I’m still looking at it like this. “It’s the same… but with updates that could have been a patch for overwatch 1….?” I’m still looking forward to giving it a go, but so far it doesn’t have a new game smell to me.

  9. DaileyWithBailey

    As a player of overwatch since day ONE. I can say that the updates for this game are slow and boring.

  10. I stopped playing OW pvp a couple years ago. What had me excited, and still has me mildly hyped, is the PvE mode with rpg style character upgrades and L4D style level design – ie it’s replayable and isn’t the same each time (or so they previously claimed). OW has some of my favorite characters in gaming, and I’d love a reason to play again.

  11. It’s basically years of small patches all in one “update.” Mixed feelings about it so far. Still salty from 3 years of no content no matter how good the changes are.

    Also the fact that the game won’t even be released until next year is infuriating. After all the betas and the pro games, it’s going to be old news and way past due when it actually does release.

  12. It’s Overwatch 2.0 not overwatch 2, it’s like the biggest update and gameplay rework the game has ever had, but labeled as a sequel.

  13. DeadlyMustardd

    Watched a stream and was like “Ah so this is just Overwatch”.

    Shut it off. I’ve been done with it for a while an reworking some abilities and throwing a couple maps in does not make it enough to draw me back.

  14. Yeah, communication started off with Overwatch 2 being the PvE expansion to Overwatch (but hey, we are naming it “2”, so we can get more money for it). Then it somehow changed into a total redevelopment of PvP around forcing it into the 5v5 format and one player into the most crucial position for the team.

  15. Not only that, I definitely prefer the OW1 UI and art style to OW2, and it isn’t close

  16. blazinrumraisin

    It’s a half-baked redesign. The graphics update is nice, but then they go and make the UI menus look clunky and unpolished. I hope they take their time and make it look good before the actual release.

  17. It’s mostly just a DPS fest with even less emphasis on teamwork I’d argue. It’s a beta, yes, but after all this time, it feels incredibly underwhelming

    I think it’ll lose its popularity fairly quickly after release, and people will just go back to the first game

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