Overwatch 2 beta game performance is really bad on low end PCs

I have low end PC. I am able to run Overwatch 1 with low graphics settings at 1080p 60fps without any issues.

But when running Overwatch 2, performance is really bad. There are constant FPS drops and lags. My game was crashing every 15 minutes with blue screen of death.

Idk if others have experienced this issue. I hope the release build is more stable than this.

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  1. I7 6700K, GTX1070, 16GB RAM, the game runs good but microstuttering makes it practically unplayable

  2. Well, original overwatch came out 6 years ago. You can’t expect the same hardware that ran a game on low settings with low fps 6 years ago to perform as well as a game that is 6 years newer, with better graphics, in a beta test nonetheless

  3. darkfighter3000

    Every time I locked in a hero, there was a high chance that my game was going to crash.

    I gave up queuing for DPS and tank because I would wait 10 to 15 minutes (with priority pass) only to crash after selecting a hero.

    Also the fps was lower and I experienced more stuttering compared to ow1.

  4. Lost_Conclusion_8914

    resolution is 1280. settings are all on low

    but I can hit 100 fps

    the game is smooth but… I crash during the hero select after 1 match. I even crashed once during a match once

    I noticed that it happens after 20 minutes i think.

    i’ve done everything


    Scan and Repair, Driver update, Virtual memory boost, recently just tried visual c++ reinstall. haven’t seen if it worked.
    error says

    Overwatch – Assertion failed: 0x355D5568 “0x811C9DC5”

    I run a 920mx, 4gb ram, SSD.

    I want to reiterate I can get 100 fps on this game, smooth and fine. But it crashes during hero select. I do not get it.

    I’m getting a new ram card soon, but a new PC is gonna take a while or probably forever if my country’s anarchic meltdown actually goes on full steam.
    So i really hope this is just a beta thing.

  5. Ye I’m on 1440p i5 12400 16gb ram rtx 3060 ti and I get bad framerate and stutters and screen tearing on a g sync monitor

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