Overwatch 2 is really separating the carriers and the carried.

These last few days have been pretty simple.

Aggression wins games even moreso than OW1, with heavy pressure on the enemy team being the deciding factor on whether you secure the point or not. Before you could pace it and hide behind a double shield then just win off of cheap abilities like Mei’s freeze, Junk’s bombs or a Pharah just being Pharah. You could farm ult charge for nano off of 2 whole tanks and kinda just AFK as Ana unless the enemy team had a mildly decent tracer.

In OW2 that just won’t work, yet people aren’t getting that.

As a support I’ve already clocked on the ones who dominate as of now – Lucio, Moira, Brig and Mercy. But when the other support goes Ana, Zen or Bap, just know you’re gonna be in for a struggle with heals or keeping up when you have to spend 50% of your attention on just saving your other support.

As a dps you’re LUCKY if you get healing, even standing next to spawn, because your supports just won’t know what to do when they can’t hide behind a shield and need to genuinely start using their skills and awareness to survive or pick someone off who’s diving them.

As a tank, just try and stay aggressive but make sure you come back, because your dps won’t understand that when you’re charging forward, they should be too, they’re still waiting for a sig shield to block their LOS with a rein standing next to him so they can just shoot standing still.

Anyways yeah most of this was hyperbole but I think you get what I mean.

Be aggressive, push W, and stop tunneling when you’re healing someone. No one’s gonna come save you if you’re near our spawn and the rest of the team is already pushing the payload halfway to victory. Heal your team as they engage (yes that includes dps), dps kill the shattered targets, don’t just stand there, and tanks just fucking move forward ffs (just don’t overextend, it’s not ffa).

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6 thoughts on “Overwatch 2 is really separating the carriers and the carried.”

  1. I really don’t understand how you could think playing Zen means the team struggles. Zen can stay on par with Ana in terms of healing and deal as much damage as a pure DPS. A team with a decent Zen will just win engagements.

  2. I also main support, aand I agree with this. Also dont expect your supports ro do all the work, if you need healing, try to stand somewhere where we can heal you.

  3. nobearsinrussia

    Idk about others but I do not rely on a shields as ANY support. Even while playing ana, i rely on hard cover. As mercy i rez and position while knowing i would not get any shield or bubble 🤷‍♀️

  4. MasturbationIsBest

    Not gonna lie you sound extremely naive to the deeper problems in what overwatch was meant to be since launch, and WHY people dislike a departure from that. Especially considering Overwatch was, or is meant to be a fps moba hybrid. I get that it hyperbole, but it makes you sound like you aren’t even listening to people that dislike the direction 2 is taking.

  5. Bap feels pretty weak but zen is insane. The amount of damage you can do with the lack of a second tank is insane.

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