Overwatch Infinity Stones Avengers Endgame Code

Eventhough, Hanzo mains disagree I will recommend Overwatch Infinity Stones workshop mode to all the Avengers Endgame fans. This overwatch mod was first released by Overwatch Reddit user kaiomm in late April 2019. In this workshop mode there are several infinity codes hidden around the map. Whenever you catch one you will absorb its power. Following are the infinity stones and their powers.

The interesting part is that these stone stack. You can use multiple stones at once! The best way to play thing mode is to choose Doomfist as he literary represent Thanos. 😀 Anyway if someone has all the stones he will be over powered. So best way is to team up and kill him. Hold up! When you kill an enemy you own his stone, all the more reasons to kill. Follwing is the code for overwatch infinity stones workshop mod.

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