45 thoughts on “Overwatch on 1 Million Viewers”

  1. Obviously it doesn’t say anything for long term Twitch viewership but it’s still quite impressive how many people are still interested in OW.

  2. If they restricted access for the beta to a code-drop at 7/11, it too would be a very popular destination, lol.

    People aren’t watching OW, they are waiting for something they can’t get anywhere else. These posts are silly… but not as silly as forcing people onto a third party platform to get access to your game.

  3. TechnicalSurround

    Too bad these viewers are “artificially” enhanced or enforced with this stupid drop mechanic.

  4. Just for context, when Valorant was doing something similar (beta keys for twitch watchtime) it peaked at 1.7 mil viewers.

    It looks like OW peaked at 1.4 mil. That’s pretty good when comparing to a brand new game!

  5. 1.5M right now on Twitch. Twitch turned off the OW2 tag so they are all on the OW channel.

  6. these “viewers” are an insanely padded measure to use with the twitch drops. i doubt ~30% are even actually watching the streams.

  7. this isn’t even the full game release either, it’s still inflated because of drops but I imagine there will still be at least this many people interested in the game when it actually releases plus the people coming in who just found out about it.

    And I haven’t even mentioned the console player base…

  8. imagine if they just released content on a normal fuckin basis. wouldnt even need OW2, could just have a good game

  9. Damn, who would have thought that stopping content for years, then going “watch twitch if you want an update soon”, would result in a lot of people going to Twitch? Crazy how things worked out

  10. 80% are probably not even watching the stream, just leaving it open, just like I did.

  11. No-Cauliflower274

    Everybody know this number is just because of the Drops stuff right :v.(and blizz actually pay for bunch of streamer to stream the game).When valorant use drops system,they also got like 1m7+ view (if i remember correctly) and that game is not even that good tbh but people curios about new things.Wait until OW2 offical release and after a month you will got the most exact number

  12. Holy shit

    Even after all these years and all the ups and downs, people sure still are interested in the game with this new beta

  13. Blizzard is taking more notes from TF2 in that they are removing a lot of the stuns and CC abilities in the game. Overwatch 2 seems like it could be promising so far, despite it basically being a slightly modified content update to overwatch 1 labeled as a new game.

  14. I’m so confused as to why OW2 is OW2 instead of Just Overwatch. They could have just made this overhaul a bigass patch instead of a “whole new game” and consider it a live game like Warzone or Rocket League or something. The 3 year content drought has created enough desire for new stuff they don’t need the 2

  15. To people saying most of these viewers are not even watching the stream and just want to get beta key drops. So what? Thats kinda the point.

    This still measures people’s interest in OW2. Blizzard doesn’t care if people want to watch OW2 on twitch. They care about people wanting to play their game. Which is what this measures. The number of people who want to get beta keys and play their game.

  16. Im pumped for OW 2…. might get a PC just so i can play the beta (i got the drop, but on playstation)

  17. This shows what really killed the game, if blizzard gave us more content the game would have much more people playing.

  18. Hey guys i have access but i dont own overwatch 1 on pc anymore is there no way for me to play? Pls help😭

  19. 1.4 Mil peak, down to 740k 5 hours after drops started. Not to be “that guy”… But I can see it being at Maybe 100k tomorrow and like 20k this time next week

  20. _the_best_girl_

    The thing is tho how many are there for beta keys (tab open in background) and how many actually want to watch the content

  21. hot take: most people moved on from the game like, a few months in. a large cohort even by a year in. two years in, another slice, etc. until we are left with all of us, the hardcore fans. i think lots of people picking the game up again will enjoy because for them, it’s not simply the “OW 2.0” update. its that, plus all the other cool things in the game that we have loved over the years that they haven’t even experienced yet. Sojourn isn’t the only new hero for a lot of these returning players. Endorsements, custom game modes, cross play, maps, role queue, etc. For some returning players there is a lot of new content that they might have not experienced in the current game as it is.

  22. Anyone else find it odd that sojourn is the face of Overwatch 1 even though she isn’t in it?

  23. It’s the same strategy that inflated OWL viewership with tokens.

    That being said the beta has been incredibly refreshing and just what the game needed. Orisa is no longer bore-isa

  24. CalcProgrammer1

    What a fucking scam. Drops enabled but only for 8 hours, starting during the middle of a work day? Yeah, got home from work and started the stream right away but it wasn’t enough to get my 4 hours. Inflated viewership for a scam. GG blizz.

  25. morok_cloudkeeper

    Loads of [DROPS ENABLED] GO AFK HERE streams yeah such a fucking acheivement lmao, these fake boosted streaming numbers are such a joke and ez pr for companies. Literally outsourcing botting.

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