26 thoughts on “Overwatch reaches 1.5M viewers on Twitch!”

  1. I know it’s not going to last long but it’s great to see the community alive again. Glad I hung in there because towards the end of the content drought I was having thoughts of dropping the game lol.

  2. some hecking pessimists in the comments! yeah it’s hella inflated because of the drops, but even still, it’s nice to see overwatch back on top!

  3. What happens when beta is a watch 4 hours to get access and also sign contracts with every big twitch streamer some of which suck ass at the game because they are not real gamers just commercialized stars.

  4. Still not sure on the new 5v5 format over the original 6v6.

    Going to miss out big-time on the potential 12 ultimate going off at the same time compared to just 10.

    Just wont feel as intense anymore at the clutch moments.

  5. But people are only watching for four hours to get the beta key… This doesn’t indicate that these people have any interest in watching streamers in the first place.

    I’m in that boat. Love Overwatch, but I’m not gunna listen to people say Overwatch is dead because no one wants to watch other people play it because I know that there’s more people who don’t watch streamers than do.

  6. I feel like they’re only so high because the included Beta behind watching a streamer for 4 hours. We’ll see when they stop doing that.

    I have hope though.

  7. Well yea… for those of us that opted into beta and didn’t get access, the only other way apparently is to watch h certain streamers for 4 hours lol.

  8. I watched 4 hrs of emongg and played the beta for 3 straight hrs and all I can say is: the hype is warranted and this beta made me a believer in the dev team. I was skeptical of 5v5 and hero reworks, but this beta just eliminated all those fears. This is prime OW: fast, fluid, a bit chaotic at times, and just plain fun. I cannot wait to see what other changes come in future betas!

  9. I don’t understand why people are fixated on the numbers being “inflated” because you need to watch 4 hours for the beta. So what? Each one of those viewers still cares enough about the game to afk for hours to get to try out the beta. That’s still 1.5 million people who are interested

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