Overwatch2 should include a “healing received” portion to their scoreboard so DPS can stop complaining about not getting healing. You’d have a way of showing them that they’re getting healed.

Overwatch2 should include a “healing received” portion to their scoreboard so DPS can stop complaining about not getting healing. You’d have a way of showing them that they’re getting healed.

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45 thoughts on “Overwatch2 should include a “healing received” portion to their scoreboard so DPS can stop complaining about not getting healing. You’d have a way of showing them that they’re getting healed.”

  1. Then again it could be used as a method of flaming healers if they genuinely haven’t been doing great at healing them. Might not even be there fault either, can’t heal them if they run in alone every time. So yes it could occasionally help, but I think it would be used more often as a way to be toxic.

  2. I really hope they do this. It’s actually very revealing about how a team played during a game. You want to be able to see where the healing ended up going during a game anyway.

  3. They spent years thinking of the idea to add stats on damage dealt and healing dealt. Healing received stat will be a new feature coming out in OW3.

  4. chocolatehippogryph

    I agree. I also think they should have a metric to show how much the enemy team has had you in their sights. This will indicate how strongly you are tanking put their attention

  5. So teammates who go out of the healers los because they have no spatial awareness get to point at their low healing received and go “Look! Look! Healers are throwing they refuse to heal me!”

  6. I think more important would be damage amplified by healers should be attributed to the healers damage and not the dps. A solider/pharah with a pocket should have 30-40% more damage than anyone else. That should go to mercy, and the same for discord, nano, and window. The only healer that doesn’t amplify damage is Moira.

    Edit: I’m an idiot it stays

  7. Not a great idea. Support are not only about healing. They’re a bit more complex than that.

    Healing done is also hard, because many players done understand that they have to let themselves be healed. They dive in, complain about not getting healed, and rage. So this would just give them a stat to fuel that fire.

    The amount of times ppl spammed healing as i was healing them while they died cause they walked out in the open in front of enemies without their team is too damn high. An end card saying i did 36% team damage worth of healing aint enough

  9. AllSeeingRogue

    And* we will know who is feeding or being saved from feeding. I agree.

  10. I turned voice comms off and have had a much better experience.

    I check my stats constantly in the beta…I’m not good, but I make an impact and adjust to help the team.

    As a healer main, I would like it to see if I am missing heals on someone. Never intentional, just tank tunnel vision

  11. waferchocobar

    Yes… as someone who doesn’t play a huge amount of support, it would be immensely satisfying to show that angry DPS flaming the healers (who is often the one trying to 1v6 and constantly dying) that no, actually they WERE being healed.

  12. There’s a lot of stats I would like to be able to see. Damage received, damage negated (this includes shields, damage reduction from abilities, and temporary health), amplified damage (zen orb, nano boost, and damage boost), and healing received are all things I would like to see SOMEWHERE on the scoreboard.

    The problem is that this is a lot of information and can seriously clutter the scoreboard. Where to put this information without cluttering it would be a major task for the development team. I don’t know how you would really go about doing that.

  13. I’m a support, but I’d rather see damage taken.

    The best support healbot in the world can’t keep a frontlining squishy alive for very long.

  14. Ever see that Fairly Odd Parents episode where Timmy wishes everyone looked 100% identical so no one would ever be bullied for their appearance ever again? But after making the wish… the bullies still exist and find other things to make fun of people for.

    It’s not about the “thing” people are making fun of, it’s just the fact that they want to feel superior over you. Even if they show a healing stat, these complainers and healer blamers will always point their fingers at some other random statistic.

  15. At some point you just have to recognize that some people will always bitch and complain.

  16. That’s not how it works

    People will always take dmg and the arguement like “you received 3K healing!! Ur getting healed” wouldn’t make much sense in context of still needing more heals
    sometimes people take lots of dmg or are the main focus of the game (e.g someone carrying) and if they keep getting short on heals even though they have received lots of healing doesn’t mean they don’t need more healing bc they already received tons so it’s u can’t get more healing!!

    If that makes sense

  17. TopNotchGear

    They added scoreboard stats in order to get teams to strategize between rounds. Not to quell the toxicity of other teammates. I think a stat like that would just breed more toxicity because a lot of people think that healing received is a metric on how much you’re “throwing”

  18. Peaceful_Explorer

    As a Bastion main, I can attest that some healers seem to forget Bastion no longer has self-repair. There are so many matches where I get no healing whatsoever.

  19. It won’t stop shit. I was popping off on Ashe (which is a rarity. I can’t aim for dogwater) and legitimately scored pretty much 2/3rd of our elims but I was getting hamfisted by… hammond and Doomfist so I needed the healing from Mercy.

    Orisa said that her priorities were shit and she should be focus healing the tank. As she stands in hammonds minefield to suicide contest the point.

  20. Your logic makes sense but realistically there is absolutely nothing they can add that will stop players from complaining about each other. Once they think someone is at fault, nothing will change their mind. You can show them a replay of all if their mistakes and they will still find a way to blame you. Once an Orisa yelled at me for not healing them and I told them I couldn’t because they spent the entire game in OUR backline. Behind ME on ANA. They denied this, and when they got POTG, of course it showed them exactly where I said they were, providing almost 0 value but getting last hits from a million miles away. After having this displayed to the entire lobby, they still decided that they were not, in fact, way too far back and it was still me who was at fault. I’ve had people blame me when I play zen for not healing them enough, despite never taking orb off of them. People will yell at me for not healing them while they are anti’d. People will ult 1v6 and then throw a fit that the rest of us weren’t there. They will miss 70% of their shots and then blow up at you for missing one of yours. People aren’t looking for their own mistakes, they’re looking for yours. Nothing you say or do will convince them that they made a bad play. I’ve been playing with chat off in recent months and it’s been much better. I know when I fuck up. I can tell when I die because I was in a bad position or because I wasted important cooldowns or just simply made the wrong decision. Maybe I am the outlier, but when I am focused on what I should be doing for my team, I don’t have a whole lot of time to think about what my team should be doing for me. When another player starts whining about something that they could have prevented themselves, they aren’t worth even listening to anymore. You won’t convince them they are wrong. They only want to convince you that you are.

  21. Not really, it would also so show when they’re not getting healed ,bc the support is tunnel visioned .

  22. But it would show low numbers because they are too far to be healed or instakilled

  23. im an ana main and no this is honestly pointless – would this not end up resulting in you getting blamed by other folks on your team for pocketing? worse yet, it could add fire to the flames if you’re genuinely not healing someone

  24. Genji after dying within 3 seconds of using blade: why didn’t you nano me?

    Me as Ana after dying to a flanking Soldier: Take a wild guess.

  25. I think the reason why they removed it from view so that newbies don’t get bullied for underperforming as they’re still learning the ropes.

  26. Oh my god yes, throwback to the time I got 20k healing on Lucio in like 14mins and our DPS’ response was “it was probably only self healing.”

  27. Crack4kids31

    I would like something like Damage Blocked or some type of stat for tanks not just stats that suck off DPS

  28. MrAmusedDouche

    I’ve been wanting a “damage taken” stat for all the feeding tanks my ass has to rescue.

  29. BrieannaFourTwenty

    that would be a useful stat honestly, i’m sick of getting 18-25k healing and teammates still bitching about not getting healed. it’s always the brainless dps diving in too far and dying due to the whole enemy team focusing them or when they’re taking more damage than my healing can keep up with

  30. You could literally have every person, every single living being on planet earth tell someone that the DPS player was just rubbish and yet he will still say “Support diff” and blame everyone else.

    There is no fixing stupid.

  31. BlackberryNo1438

    idk man I’ve just started specifically not healing people if they’re rude and focusing the rest of the team. Dmg and tanks seem to not realize this but if you’re useless, then there’s no reason to pour healing into you. Plus if I’m dead everytime I walk out spawn because I can’t 1v1 a winston and our team won’t turn around, I cant really care anymore.

  32. I feel like in a competitive game you shouldn’t be able to see the enemy team stats maybe except for deaths

  33. God no, then they have an exact number to scream at you with. “I DONT SEE THE NUMBER GOING UP, BRAINDEAD SUPPORT” “support only healed me (number), support diff” “kill yourself (support) you can’t heal worth shit at (number)” “STOP PULLING SO MUCH RESOURCES INTO THE TANKS I CANT KILL ANYTHING IF NOT HEALED”

    Because dps brains are stupid most of the time and don’t realize we’re doing our best you’re just fkin stupid and get yourself killed.

  34. The slippery slope. There it is. Give them an inch, and they want more.

    It doesn’t matter what you put on the scoreboard, someone will always want more, and no matter what they put on the board, people will ALWAYS complain.

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