OW2 Beta Feedback Megathread + FAQ

Please use this sticked megathread for a consolidated, *contructive* discussion about the first OW2 beta. This thread will be rotated out regularly throughout the beta.

For the first couple of megathreads, we will not be removing individual posts (only those that are low-effort or extremely repetitive).

###How long will this first beta last?

From April 26th – May 17th

###Will there be another opportunity to participate in this beta?

There are no more announced Twitch drops at the current time.

However, [you’ll be able to get beta access from drops from the opening weekend of the Overwatch League starting May 5th.](https://twitter.com/overwatchleague/status/1519436768612958209)

###Why don’t I have the cosmetics/progression in the beta as I do on line?

Similarly to the PTR, the beta only takes a screenshot of what you have on live. This screenshot was taken on or about the Lunar Event of this year. Any cosmetics/progression after that may not be in the beta.

###Will any progress I make in this beta either stay for subsequent betas or move to live?

Nope. All progression will get wiped at the end of this beta.


[Official OW2 Beta FAQ](https://playoverwatch.com/en-us/news/23798985/welcome-to-the-first-overwatch-2-pvp-beta/)

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37 thoughts on “OW2 Beta Feedback Megathread + FAQ”

  1. therealTpupsNA

    The beta popularity shows that priority pass should be removed from the game and that queue times are artificially lengthened. (Day 1 of the beta in NA saw dps and tank queues at 8+ minutes however after the day 2 patch for a couple hours the queues were only 4-6 minutes)

  2. I haven’t met anyone who seems to think 5v5 is THE way Overwatch should be played.

    Nicest thing I’ve heard is that it shakes it up.

    Is it just me or is it seeming like a bigger and bigger mistake?

  3. I would comment but I still haven’t gotten access. My accounts are linked and I claimed the drop 3 full days ago but nothing has shown up yet. Nothing on battle.net launcher, no email, nothing.

  4. I don’t get it…

    They could have easily make some fixes in OW1 to make DPS shoot less shields – like mainly rework Orisa + Sigma. Or even make it possible to just select only 1 Big Shield Tank and so the other tank can’t pick a second shield tank. The game now feels weird. It lacks some team gameplay which was fun to me. Rein Zarya or Dive Meta tanks where perfectly fine. Everything start going down with adding more shields of the same matter. For Example in the beginning Orisa was a pick for some maps and spot only, then they wanted her to be played more so she got buffed… there was no need to make her universal.

  5. Consistent_Try8728

    Orisa needs a nerf rn. Shes almost unkillable and puts out so much damage which is insane. Every round my tank and the enemy are all playing Orisa. For almost 2 hrs i didnt see another tank lul

  6. I’m not sure if it’s cause I’m playing on PC or if it’s OW2, but some of the mechanics with Mercy are throwing me off. Like, I can’t target onto the “souls” of downed teammates like I could in OW. Also, Zens balls seem smaller and it’s harder to aim with Moira.

    I’ve also only played support so far.

  7. Affectionate_Fan_739

    HUD needs major refinement! It’s ok for a beta, but it’s a downside of this beta point for me.

    The HUD needs to scream Overwatch and be simple to look
    at quickly since it’s a fast paces game.

  8. Personally I think most dive tanks besides Doom are in a not very good spot. DVa’s DM is not enough for her kit protection wise, because she gets melted out of her mech in seconds once it’s gone. Winston feels like he’s just been replaced by Doom a bit and his new secondary fire is not enough to secure him a place as a good tank. Ball is probably one of the worst tanks in the game at the moment, still has his mobility but really feels like he provides no impact and has to constantly run away before he can get a pick, or else he risks being melted like DVa. Supports overall don’t feel very good, less protection means they get focused in almost every teamfight which results in teams usually losing their supports pretty early. It also doesn’t feel rewarding to play support anymore, since they aren’t able to get ults as often and in my opinion they aren’t even able to get much healing done most of the time. Most DPS feels good, Pharah and Echo kind of feel weak. Hanzo feels really strong right now without as many shields.

    I think that’s everything I’ve noticed personally so far, but I’d for sure like to hear others opinions. Don’t really know how I feel about 5v5 at the moment.

  9. I think I just… don’t enjoy tanking in this game. Like it was fun at first to be able to charge into backlines as reinhardt and actually live enough to do something. But I’ve played a decent amount now and the novelty’s worn off, it’s kind of just a mad rush to get kills as fast as possible. OW1 is a broken experience and too slow, but it’s the strategy around making space that made me fall in love with the role, and right now it’s just a super-powered DPS.

    Still trying to reserve judgment, since this is an unranked beta with a baby meta, but I think I’m gonna miss OW1.

  10. MY Support / Tank experience wasn’t as bad as everyone else’s, and if I died getting melted on Mercy / Ana / DVa / Sigma, that’s largely my positioning’s fault as their kits provide ample amount of survivability, esp Mercy. Solo tanking on DVa was esp. fun, being able to both peel and eat lots of projectiles for my team then 4 seconds later mowing down an out of position enemy. The experience would be nicer if CC was funneled mostly to support, some to tank, and microscopically to DPS

    I cannot say thesame for Overhealth. It looks so ugly on the HP bar (especially for Overloading Torb / Rally Brig / Succ Sigma) and it just dumbs down what could’ve been a cool concept for an extra HP giving hero. It does look fine for Beat, but that’s about it

  11. I’m not mad about the minimal support changes. When I heard Mercy wasn’t getting significant changes I was so happy. I feel like the one less tank makes her viable as a main healer, but it’s hard to tell in a casual setting.

    Also… Please change Mercy’s new voice lines to sound more like her. She sounds like an angelic doctor in OW1. She sounds like an overly nervous doctor in OW2. Not fitting of her character.

    All the gun sound bytes sound the same to me; hard to tell who I’m going up against.

  12. Ana’s kit is oppressively strong. No clue what I’d change, but playing into both dart and anti-nade is extremely un-fun. Without a second tank to cover the front line, you just die if you get anti-naded. With fewer shields, anti-nade always hits *something.* And with healer passive, she doesn’t have to use it on herself. These 2 abilities have made her an almost auto-include in every lineup because they get way more value than the abilities of other supports. With only one tank, you really really can’t take healing off the table for anyone via anti-nade, and *definitely* not multiple team members at once.


    Her ultimate is fine, I guess, but Genji’s got a real strong showing right now as it is and nano-blade is better than it’s ever been.

  13. JanuaryDynamite

    Cassidy main here, very early impressions:

    * I’m actually enjoying the sticky nade and the damage it does. Requires better timing vs characters who can fade away but as long as I hit a shot or two, it works great.

    * I still feel his overall damage is good and fanning the hammer still feels like a good choice vs tanks

    * My only complaint really is his ult. Now that everyone is spread away, it feels even more worthless to flank and go for a big Deadeye. I mean, if that was the intent fine but at lot of times I just get one enemy (two if I am lucky). I’d almost prefer an ult where my fire rate increases and/or my damage gets buffed. At least I wouldn’t be alone and exposed when I ult.

  14. Kawaiiomnitron

    General Bugs
    – You can no longer ping while dead. This is an issue as it was a good way for me to ping that I was dead as a support. An alternative is to maybe allow for any pings when dead to be turned into “I’m down” or to add an “I’m down” ping.

    – Mercy’s rez distance is very tiny right now. Any slight movement will cancel rez.

    – Because the game is a lot more focused on everyone putting in damage, I’d like a QoL change for Mercy as the one support who has to switch weapons in order to do damage. I’d like if her weapon swap was faster so the time from her shooting and healing was minimal.

    Other than that, enjoying the game a lot!

  15. Junkrat feels like they nerfed my ability to be tricky even more than it was already removed with the previous nade change

    Now trap just slows, ok, but mine has a big blinking light?

    I feel like they’re just screwing with Junkrat mains at this point 🙁

  16. Hmmm not bad at all! I initially disliked the solo tank setup, but after playing for a while I think I can see how it improves the game. Tanks now are able to duel in something that feels like a 1v1, without other tanks becoming involved. Eg. In OW1 you could duel a rein, and then he gets saved by zar, or you are thrown out of the battle by a hog hook. Here, the tanks are corralled into the 1v1 situation. Also, since there is one less player on the enemy team, the shields survive slightly longer, giving tanks more value. I also liked that they didn’t change the core gameplay, it still feels like I’m playing Overwatch with beefier sound effects. If they release this game with a bunch of new heroes, maps, and content, I think it will be a strong game. One feature I would really like, is to have graphics settings give some indication of their performance hit. When playing casually I like to bump up graphics settings, and it would be cool if I knew which settings are the most intensive so I can balance performance with visuals. All things considered, good improvements here, looking forward to playing the full game!

  17. Based on the beta feedback I can confirm that the overwatch community is still the most negative and toxic community to exist

  18. Kilo_Juliett

    Team fights seem to last longer since healing output is more or less the same with one less tank to heal. Feels pretty good so far but we are still in the “people messing around with new stuff” phase.

    I hope tank queue times become lower. Im hoping everyone just wants to try them out since they have the most changes.

    I kinda miss assault. At least the hybrid maps. There’s not really any choke point battles anymore.

    I like the new scoreboard but the layout is weird. Assists are pointless stats. They should be removed.

    I also like the fire system. It’s very satisfying for some reason and I like the voice lines (which are still in the game so idk if it’s just left over or what). I also think they should have medals still but just make the text of your stats colored to correspond with what medal you have. Then it’s easier to see who has gold at a quick glance without having to read all the numbers.

  19. change the game from 2 Supports to 1 Support, 1 more DPS.
    other games like WoW and LoL also have 1 support, not 2. the general gameplay population don’t find it fun.
    Nobody likes playing support, support is boring, support is shit. It’s why sup has a 2 min queue time and DPS has 10 min queue times.

  20. [Here’s my first impressions post](https://www.reddit.com/r/Overwatch/comments/ue43ls/ow2_beta_feedback_megathread_faq/i6rcsx0/)

    After playing some more:

    It’s the same game (RNG with teammates you’re given), except now losing is a different experience. Losing means if you’re playing support, it manifests as you getting pummelled by the entire enemy team while your own is already dead or has abandoned you. Every loss manifests this way now. Whereas in OW1, the experience of losing came in at least a few different forms. And you could often analyze *the way* you lost or your team fell apart during a teamfight for clues as to what was happening overall. No more. Every fight breaks down the same way.

    The graphics look worse and worse to me over time. Even the maps which I first thought were better looking than OW1. They’re objectively… newer and perhaps more impressive in terms of effects. But now they just look ugly and when I load up OW1, the same maps there look just… nicer.

    There’s so many little things which have been changed for the worse. Ever hear the adage, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” ? Well, there are so many broken things in OW I can’t believe they spent so much time working on all the things that *aren’t* broken and didn’t need to be changed.

    Especially when every new thing they introduce is almost objectively inferior to the old way. As if that’s going to attract new players? Just making it look different?

    Also, I don’t like any of the new maps. They’re just full of corridors to make healing teammates difficult. Coloseo or whatever it’s called is egregiously bad. What the hell is up with that map’s design.

    The new game mode is bad. I disliked it in TF2 and I hate it more here. It just feels like you’re fighting over and over for inches in the same spots. The new maps don’t help.

    The sounds aren’t as clear anymore either (e.g, footsteps).

    Playing DPS, or at least Soldier who’s my main, is easier than in OW1. I feel like aiming with hitscan is easier. They should still show kills done by headshots in the kill feed in my opinion. Don’t know why they would think to remove that. But even while doing relatively well during my time DPS-ing (no losses in several games), it’s clear to me that you can’t really “solo” or “carry” any more than you could in OW1. It’s still a team game and your team’s performance in team fights is the key to winning. Focusing down enemies wins games. Not solo-ing people off flanks. There seems to be almost no difference between versions in terms of how often you’re rewarded for trying to carry. So why did we drop the 2nd tank again?

    I said in my previous post I was all on board with the idea of removing off-tanks *so much*. I might take it back now. I still think it’s a better path, on paper, to a better game. I’m just pretty sure it’s impossible for this company to implement properly. Maybe in a while I’ll come to the conclusion that it was just not the better way forward, at all.

    EDIT: Something about the in-game HUD UI bugs me. The more prominent player names and health bars seem to act almost like a big radar or something to grab your attention to the player inside. For me, it’s objectively bad, it gets in the way and is distracting when I want to just focus on the enemy player model so I can aim for the head. I’m finding I have to just memorize the spot, relative to the healthbar, to fire at for headshots. In OW1 I’d look at the head and then try to click the head. The UI looks like it’s made to more easily find enemies on terrible screens. Mobile screens, in other words. Or televisions. Anyone else get that vibe?

  21. I think the delay for the ping menu is too long. It means you can’t quickly pick a direction and you end up slightly moving your aim unless you wait a split second for it to come up. At the least, there should be a separate binding for quick ping and wheel ping, where wheel ping doesn’t have a delay.

  22. Javelin spin needs something to go. No compensation just gone. Defense Matrix + Speed Boost + Damage + Knockback is just fucking dumb. If Kinetic Grasp did that back when Sig released people would be calling for Jeffs head.

  23. E_Norma_Schock

    Some support buff ideas:


    * Give her a side arm pistol like Mercy and baby Dva. Can be hitscan or projectile.
    * Her grenade *neutralizes* the enemy team’s Ana grenade. For example, your team gets purpled, your Ana can revert it back to neutral status. Would make for interesting counter play. “Do I wanna cleanse or do I wanna use it on the enemy?”


    * A Zarya style change.
    * Has two orbs. Can use both for heals or both for discords. Or one for each like normal.
    * So, you can heal two people or give one person both heals. Same with discord.
    * However, for balance, the two orbs don’t stack straight. So it’s not 30 HPS + 30 HPS. More like 30 HPS + 15 HPS. Same with discord.

  24. Genji’s power level in the 2020 Genji meta is perfect for OW2. If he’s gonna die in 2 seconds after diving, might as well allow him to burst someone down in the process. That’s it, that’s the feedback.

  25. Sojourns nade is kinda annoying to deal with visually…. i dont know if its intended but it just adds a lot of clutter

  26. I like OW2 a lot. I keep thinking “Wow, haven’t played Hanamura in a while…this is nice’. I like these new maps, I like Push mode, I like the character changes, I like the support passive, i’m having fun.

  27. Support feels like a dead role. Who the fuck thought it was okay to rework some tanks, rework a lot of the DPS heroes, but leave supports nearly the exact same?

    Like, dps now have extra speed to flank, so they can get around to kill the healers even easier. There is one less tank per game, so you have even less peel to protect your healers. Tanks, who take the brunt of damage give less ult charge to healers now for some fucking reason, so supports got nerfed by that.

    Who thinks this is okay? The only good supports now are the mobile ones who can escape flanks or the ones that can successfully duel DPS like Moira. There’s a reason we have a shortage of healers on OW2.

  28. AkhilSundaram

    The sound design has been a major Goof up.

    I’m not talking about the gun sounds, love them.

    But the sounds during the game have become worse in ways I cannot exactly describe. Sometimes I cannot hear if I’m being attacked at all. And the sounds when I hit an enemy is not as crisp too.

  29. Lucio has become much more survivable due to the support passive, and jeez, imagine playing support and you get flanked by a genji and another damn support, lucio I mean. And I don’t want to start talking about people who play him on Ilios and just spawn camp you.

  30. Punishments for toxicity should be more frequent / there should actually be punishments like temp bans or something. It’s a beta but there are some horribly toxic people

  31. Some comments:

    **Good Changes**:

    * The visual effects update is probably the biggest change between OW2 and OW1 in my opinion. Visual clarity for people to spectate the game is much higher.

    * Tanks are fun to play. Orisa is broken and needs to be tuned, but the tanks feel more interactive with more utility being added to their kits.

    * Maps feel pretty great and the golden time maps look really nice. I wish there were more day cycle options on maps.

    **Bad Changes/Omissions**:

    * I personally can’t stand the gun sounds. Everything sounds extremely compressed or cushiony.

    * The menu is really bad. The menu in OW1 was extremely fluid flowing from one tab to another and everything was listed in one page. Going from one tab to another, the camera changes to different parts of maps and it adds to the immersion of being transported to a different area. I felt that the OW1 menu reflected a lot on how distinctive the game was and how the distinct and progressive the OW universe felt. This new menu feels like it’s trying to conform with the menus from every other game I’ve ever played. It feels non-distinctive and too refined without the personality of the UI from the first game.

    * I like the idea of showing public damage statistics, but the UI is laid out so that the heroes are not the primary focus when pressing tab. When someone presses tab, the focus should be on visual clarity to gain a strategical advantage. If I am pressing Tab, I want to see what Heroes the enemy is swapping to and the Ult Status of my teammates. Comparing yourself to everyone by looking at statistics should be a secondary priority.

  32. Pros:

    Orisa and Doomfist reworks are fun. Doom works about as well as a tank as I always figured he would. I do miss Orisa’s old kit, and hopefully that ends up on a new hero, since the excuse they gave for changing her was mostly cosmetic.

    Sojourn’s kit is fun.


    5v5 completely ruins the tank/offtank synergy that is one of the best parts of Overwatch, to the point OW2 just feels like bad Quick Play.

    New sound effects are bad, especially the gunshots. Gunshots sound too gunshotty and not sci-fi enough. Footsteps are less clear.

    Push maps are Swiss cheese and feel like you’re constantly being flanked from every angle. Close some doors.

    Healers somehow feel both too effective and too easy to kill.

    Orisa aside, the Tanks feel like they do too little, especially Hog and Ball. A buff to Hog’s hook cooldown and more boop distance when Ball hits you would help a lot.

    UI is terrible. Hopefully this is an early barebones beta thing, but everything is much harder to see. It’s a lot harder to even tell where point is without the glowing outlines and stuff Good Overwatch has.

    The new graphics aren’t great. Everything is kinda red tinted, not the cooler blue tint Good Overwatch has. This makes it difficult for some of my friends to see.

    All of the high mobility heroes are still there and mostly unchanged, but the stuns that exist to counter and thus balance them are missing. Fortunately, the really quick ones kinda suck currently, but still feels bad all around. Diminishing returns on stuns would’ve been a much better solution to having too many.

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