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So here’s a stupid question since I’ve been out of the loop for OW for a loooonnnng time, now. I got into the beta by watching a streamer for 4 hours the other day, no problem. I’m just wondering if this beta access will end because there’ll be multiple betas? Or shall it persist across all of them? Or am I misremembering and is this beta the only one?


Oh, and secondary question – will there be multiple new heroes launching with OW2 or is Soujourn the main ‘thing’ we’ll have on release, in future?

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3 thoughts on “OW2 Beta Question”

  1. Future betas are probably more likely to be open, so anyone can get in, but if they decide to go a different route then you may or may not still get access- we wont know until nearer the time.

    Sojourn is likely just the new hero for this beta, with more coming in later betas or upon release. Bare in mind that this beta is also looking at how the new maps, reworks, mechanical/ balance changes and 5v5 work + identifying bugs.

  2. We don’t know. Since they need players in the beta to test the beta and every time they do a “do x to get into beta” they run the risk of
    1. Upsetting their already unsure player base


    2. Going through the whole access Hassle and process

    .. they would be incredibly stupid to make people have to have separate access to each beta wave instead of blanket access to all beta waves. *BUT* this is blizzard so .. hold onto your butts.

    – the *ONLY* confirmed character is Sojurn.
    – the devs have mentioned “other new heroes” but we don’t know who they are, what they do, what roles they fill, when to expect them, or how many of them there are.
    – there are rumors with a lot of supporting evidence of who some of these heroes may be, but currently it is not confirmed.

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