OW2 Beta: Visuals & Sounds

What do you think of the changes?

I played only support last night and this is what I noted personally:

– The entire look atm looks…slick, but not necessarily better. It reminds me a lot of Valorant’s display (though it’s been at least a year since I’ve played that). It also makes me think of fast food places going from unique building styles to a very “modern” block and clear cuts on everything. Still unsure if I prefer it over OW.
– it bothers me that some heroes received an art change for their portrait and others did not. Looks fairly sloppy currently.
– I don’t like the new sounds (for supports). Ana’s sleep sounds more distinct but it reminds me of a sound effect for a toy water gun in a cartoon, very comical. Moira’s orb sends so many ticks for damage, there’s more and faster, but it’s not indicative to the damage that is being done (imo), however, that may be because I’m used to the slower ticks from OW
– I enjoy the damage / healing visuals more on OW2. I feel like they’re a much better indication of whether or not you’re actually about to eat dirt. However, I noticed on Zen it no longer tells you who you’re healing and I don’t like that at all as I have to visually find the orb/player as opposed to just checking bottom right of screen.
– it’s been pointed out before, but it’s hard to tell when someone is dead without hitting tab.
– the entire look of each map is brighter. Makes sense, but definitely looks nicer too.
– the voice lines are more aggressive. With the visuals being more futuristic and bright, it really makes it clear that everyone is just forced to be there for a better tomorrow (or whatever the lore is, honestly, I don’t know it well). They’re definitely interesting.
– I don’t appreciate the preview of the crosshairs being removed. It makes it irritating to adjust. Even though I’ve played for about a year now, I still switch around from time to time as I sometimes need different visual aids. Cannot imagine starting new and having to figure out what crosshairs is best and not being able to make an adjustment quickly while respawning.
– I really had hoped that someone leaving a game would have been made easier. Similar to when someone switches role, I wish that when someone leaves, there would be a text showing who left. It sucks realizing halfway through a fight you’re down a healer.

All that said, I hope everyone who has gotten access has been doing well. I would also encourage you not to leave the games if you feel you made a mistake. I played 3 games out of maybe 7 where a sojourn player left immediately after dying. I don’t think anyone should expect great plays out of anyone, we’re all learning, adjusting to a whole new game, and this is only the first beta.

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