28 thoughts on “OW2 New voiceline when you kill other self.”

  1. I haven’t really been keeping up with overwatch 2 that much, but do Doomfist and Zarya have new voice actors? Zarya’s voice is extremely different, and Doomfist sounds slightly different.

  2. I always wanted that thing where the characters are aware there’s a clone of themselves on the enemy team like Valorant, and Blizzard just read my mind. I hope there’s a line for every single hero, because only that would make sense.

    The one’s that are close enough is when you have 2 of the same heroes on your team. I remember [D.Va](https://D.Va) and Tracer has lines for it.

  3. Is OW2 really as underwhelming as people are saying? I’ve seen the joke “this game could have been an email” quite a lot of times lol

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