28 thoughts on “OW2 New voiceline when you kill other self.”

  1. Gardevoirsheart

    Whata annoying me is I don’t think every hero has one. Why? Maybe in this patch they added the rest?

  2. Woah_Slow_Down

    Why is Doom roasting himself?

    “I’m the strongest virgin of myself”

  3. NoobsRedditType

    eyyo?? we getting an explanation why there’e double selves like in valorant??

  4. Mei : Shoots icicle through her copies head

    “I hope that corpse isn’t mad at me “

  5. darklotusgamer1

    I haven’t really been keeping up with overwatch 2 that much, but do Doomfist and Zarya have new voice actors? Zarya’s voice is extremely different, and Doomfist sounds slightly different.

  6. Ha!

    Heroes of the Storm also had some self-own voicelines from back when the same character could be on both teams.

  7. TheGreatCornholio696

    Can anyone type out what all they’re saying or link to a video? My service is trash and I can’t see the text lol.

  8. Large_Talons_

    Bet that when/if dva gets one it references the other being an impostor

  9. darklightmatter

    I’ll bet Cassidy’s is something like, “This town ain’t big enough for the both of us”.

  10. I always wanted that thing where the characters are aware there’s a clone of themselves on the enemy team like Valorant, and Blizzard just read my mind. I hope there’s a line for every single hero, because only that would make sense.

    The one’s that are close enough is when you have 2 of the same heroes on your team. I remember [D.Va](https://D.Va) and Tracer has lines for it.

  11. Paradox_Madden

    Doom: “I am the strongest version of myself”

    Me:”Ow multiverse confirmed”

  12. bluetundra123

    Is OW2 really as underwhelming as people are saying? I’ve seen the joke “this game could have been an email” quite a lot of times lol

  13. Lord_Peeches

    I wanna see echo do kill her counterpart, while a copy of someone Else…

  14. asdfghjklkipz


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