20 thoughts on “Paradigm has been confirmed to be Singularity!”

  1. Tridentsine8100

    What is this glider, how can I get it, and why is it a copy of that one Marvel glider from Ch2 S4?

  2. I’m probably the only one who doesn’t like how Singularity looks (at least without helmet)

  3. raffattacker

    So if you think about it, I have the OG version of paradigm because Mecha team leader was released before paradigm. 😏

  4. So i technically have all members of the seven, only one i don’t have is the visitor.

  5. I’ve been saying it since Season X. Singularity’s description says “The first and the last”. Her default helmet is located on a desk inside the vault under the original island.

    Meaning she was sent back to be “recruited” into the seven by herself.

  6. That1guy4269

    I know this already, but I’m a fucking idiot

    How does this prove that they’re the same person

  7. TheMightyCheagle

    I said this a couple months ago and people thought I sounded like an idiot (how the tables have turned) I mean its been pretty clear they were the same people for a long time they literally both have the same armor and everything just one has a 7 helmet and the other doesn’t

  8. All_Skulls_On

    I thought it was common story/lore knowledge that Singularity and Paradigm are the same person 🤷‍♂️

  9. How? It just says paradigm-certified?
    Aka, she checked it over and its good quality..

  10. manofwaromega

    So technically the only member of the Seven I’m missing is The Scientist?

  11. Confirmed to be what? Sorry guess I’m… out of the loop. (And also just a dumbass)

  12. UnhingedTanker

    What are you talking about? They’re just good friends with similar ablilties and skills, thats all!

  13. Cephalie_100


    ‘Z’Vcx HYXFNB

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