Player Collision Issue


I’ve been experiencing this for about 2 years, or as long as I’ve been playing, and it still baffles me why it isn’t fixed.
Sorry I don’t have footage, the effect doesn’t appear in replay and randomly happens in game.

The bug is that if you’re ping is too high (80+) and you collide with another player moving towards you, your screen will start violently shaking in the direction you’re trying to move, and you’ll be relatively stuck in that spot. Only way to avoid it is moving in the opposite direction, which typically the opponent will just continue to run into you. Sometimes the camera will even bug and repeatedly snap back to where you were looking when you first collided, making aiming impossible.

On XBox, the effects are even worse. (This was actually weaponized a lot by controller players on Xbox in C2 S2’s T Rumble and Spy Wars, who would run into enemy player’s sides and just spray them, since you were effectively stunned and locked into that spot. After that less people did it if I remember.)


Heck, I was just playing a match on PC, tagged someone for 100, then tried to slide to my left to spray them. They stepped to my side, and my screen started shaking and I couldn’t turn.

Am I the only person that experiences these bugs? They’re about to drive me insane. In the past 40 minutes of playing it happened 5 times, each time I died because of it.


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  2. It’s been like this for a couple seasons. Two people colliding when trying to move into the same space, like one guy strafing to his left while his opponent is circling to their right, results in collision jittering. It’s really annoying.

    I assume it’s worse on Xbox because I can’t imagine it’d remain like this on PC for as long as it has without people revolting.

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