Playing Old Dungeons

I’ve recently come back to the game, having missed about 5 years of content. (started in Vanilla). This time, I’ve got 2 new players with me.

Shadowlands levelling is ok, but I’d like to play all of the dungeons from Vanilla/BC/Wrath. Is it possible to do them with the new players? Not to level in the zones, just to do the instanced content. (run to them)



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3 thoughts on “Playing Old Dungeons”

  1. p33p33p00p00inthel00

    I think new players are locked into playing through BfA and shadowlands on their first characters.

  2. Sure-Initial5202

    New players can only level through battle for azeroth and then shadowlands.

    Once you hit lvl 50 i think with one character a new option unlocks for alts.

    In stormwind or orgrimmar you look for Chromie and you can level from 10-50 in wathever expansion you like and with the dungeons of that expansion. If you get bored simply talk again to chromie and change expansion

    Edit. if you mean if you can enter in the dungeons and rush though them..then yes you can travel wathever you want

  3. VeganHunter7823

    Timewalking! But that’s only available at 50 & cycles through BC to Legion. & it’s only once every 2 to 3 weeks.

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