Poor Supports…

Every one kind of agreed for the most part that supports are not necessarily underpowered, they just were not given anything new to play with. Literally the first change added (Zen Kick) and everyone is yelling about how there is no way this can stay in the game and is OP…

Saying this while we have tanks that seem unkillable.. DPS that are absolutely melting people with hardly any counters.. Yet one melee ability on a support player that had no movement abilities or stun/slows and everyone loses their mind..

Can’t we just be allowed to have fun for a while?

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48 thoughts on “Poor Supports…”

  1. Zen can’t even knock a Winston out of zip-zap range, so it’s really not even that strong of a passive.

  2. nobearsinrussia

    You don’t understand: he’s stretching his *leg*. The prophecy says “The moment Zen stand on his legs in match, whole world is doomed”!!!

  3. People freaked out just as much about D.Va mech kills, Blizzard ignored the initial complaints and people quickly got used to it and realized it was no big deal. Zenyatta will likely go the same way, people just always overreact to change.

  4. The kick is not that strong. If a dps is struggling against it, maybe they can just use that movement speed passive and just walk away…

  5. if Zen kick stays in the game I’m unironically becoming a zen main it’s too fucking funny imo

  6. Are people actually complaining over Zen’s kick being too OP… 💀
    The Overwatch community gives so many mixed signals to Blizzard that I understand sometimes why they just go against what players ask for

  7. I play support and I’m not dancing about zen’s kick. It’s fine, I guess, but it’s not addressing the more structural problems facing the support class. It’s NOT just that there isn’t really anything new with the heroes.

  8. They’re complaining because supports are the only ones they have a chance to get kills on. Lmao

  9. I think it would’ve been nice if the first new hero we got was a support rather than a DPS… I mean it’s not like DPS has the most hero options and support has the least or anything…

  10. Non-support players are okay with weak supports until supports start fighting back.

  11. It almost seems as if balancing based on community complaints is not the way to do it. “Zen’s too weak”, “kick is too strong” and we go back and forth. Players need to adapt and learn new strategies before jumping to complaining on reddit. Give it more than 24hrs.

  12. That’s just DPS players for you. They finally got OW2 to be a glorified deathmatch and Supports to get deleted for free by them and as soon as Support players get A TINY FRACTION of more protection, they start throwing shit. Always has been.

  13. People want free kills. People complaining about this probably don’t want to admit that every support is going to need some sort of escape mechanic in OW2.

  14. Think the kick feels OP just because Zen was always an easy dive support. It was either he kills you or you kill him, now he can kill most DPS who get near him. Which imo is fine in 5v5.

  15. RepulsiveAd2971


  16. Support and tanks should be OP AF until the queue for DPS is the longest, then they should start to nerf them little by little until the queues are somewhat balanced.

  17. If you’ve been watching OWL games, you can see how much of a crucial backbone a good aggressive support player is. Giving them some more viability to punish aggressive plays against them is the most fun route and I want to see it. Nothing better than sleeping a nano’s genji coming for you or immortality-ing an Ult at the right time or a clutch mid fight res.

  18. Ana needs Widow’s grappling hook. She needs the positioning and mobility right now more than shee does.

  19. thecrustypigeon

    If you are close enough to zen to be kicked, you deserve it. He is slow and most characters have attacks that outrange melee.

  20. Sir_Meliodas_92

    Zen kick isn’t the first support change. The first support change was that all supports now autoheal if they don’t take damage for a certain amount of time. Which honestly was a phenomenal change because it was super annoying to have to waste cooldowns as Ana, Baptiste or Moira to heal yourself.

    I think people think Zen kick is overpowered because they’ve probably only watched it through those videos in the training room where he just kicks people off the map. But that’s only because the character spawn in the training room is literally on the edge of the map.

  21. It’s literally an elbow-touch ranged melee, there’s nothing OP about it. Reddit is just shit at understanding and predicting the in-game effects.

    Even against flankers which it is designed for, it’s very situational. Most flankers attack you at mid-close distance, not melee range.

  22. To say this attitude alone is what killed Brig would be incorrect, as Brig came out of the gates wildly over tuned.

    However, even after she was nerfed into the ground and back she was stilled complained about. Why? Because she was the only supports who could actually fight back on the same level as a DPS without requiring insanely high skill to pull it off. She required about the same skill as a hero like Rein, or Roadhog, and was about as good at contesting space in 1v1 situations.

    But even as she was nerfed into being one of the least picked heroes in the game across every tier of play, people still complained about her. Non-support players just flat out hate the idea of a support being able to get a kill unless it was with a gun. Even then, some of them will make it their lives mission to harass you the entire game because you picked them off once. If they can’t kill you, then clearly the support is broken in some way. This kind of seems to be how it goes.


    The weird mentality around it is insanely wild and it’s kind of lead to us being in this current situation with OW2. Supports just aren’t as rewarding or fun to play any more unless you’re willing to put in about twice as much effort to play them. They just aren’t allowed to be as fun to play as the other heroes without getting nerfed into the ground.

  23. GarrusExMachina

    The best part is this comes in the same patch that removed about a third of lucios self heal

    it’s like hey the devs heard your pitiful cries about the one op support in the game and did something about it… you really going to complain about a minor quality of life change?

  24. DisturbedWaffles2019

    I don’t think I’ve seen anyone say that the Zen kick is too OP. It’s funny that he can get environmental kills now but in all honestly this is something he needed as a defense mechanism against the very powerful flankers. I expect that with further betas and balance patches the other supports will receive similar changes to give them something new to play with in their kit and make them more fun in 5v5. Hell they pretty much confirmed that support is getting at least 1 new character soon, so you won’t have to wait too long.

  25. I mean tanks are supposed to feel unkillable and dps are supposed to do a lot of damage.

    That said I have no issue with the zen change. Support doesn’t mean healing. Support can be achieved in many ways.

  26. This is dumb. Just finish the transformation and make supports DPS who can heal instead of pump out extra damage with their abilities. Lucio and Moira are getting there already and guess what, everyone says they are the most fun and most viable.

  27. profanewingss

    I found this person with almost 400 hours on Zen on Twitter saying this change needs to be reverted because getting dived was Zen’s weakness and this completely removes that weakness.

    Like… yes, Zen is going to just shit on a Doom/Genji/Tracer/Moira/Lucio comp by kicking them in the face every 1 second.

    It’s not really that OP and it’s a super fun passive, I hope Blizz just looks at the numbers rather than caving and nerfing/reverting this immediately. It’s not THAT good, it’s just fun.

  28. Because solving OP with OP is terrible game design that just makes it so everyone has a near instant TTK and fights are just a matter of the first person to get a hit.

    And even more importantly, all the changes to make tanks feel powerful were well thought out and part of the design pipeline for literally years, it is absolutely ridiculous, immature, and irresponsible that the game even arrived at a beta state without one support redesign; let alone that the support changes we are getting are shallow snap-decisions from a dev team that’s clearly spent the last three years only putting real work where they think it will be “popular” and hoping the rest of us will settle for discarded scraps.

    If they’re going to near completely overhaul the game, support should be getting just as much redesigns as the other two roles, and a meme-ish spartan kick doesn’t cut it.

  29. A friend doesn’t like the change because it’s unrealistic that a kick does that much damage. Like a talking monkey is an everyday occurrence.

  30. Seething_Javelin

    I think the other supports could use similar change. Either give them mobility or small CC.

  31. Glass-Window

    They wont come out and say it but a lot of dps players want supports piñata.

  32. They gave Zen his kick, I’m still keeping my fingers crossed for enemy-targeted GA for mercy

  33. I haven’t heard anyone complain about it being OP until now and they obviously haven’t played it. It’s a good defense mechanism for my blue balling boy. People just like to whine on here, Twitter, YouTube, etc. These parts of the gaming community are so predictable and never change lol, the devs don’t need to listen to them.

  34. MightyGoodra96

    For real. DPS are even faster, tanks are even stronger, but one support with NO MOBILITY AT ALL gets some mild CC and its pure evil and can’t make it into the game.

    Every support should have a passive that benefits them more. I love the idea of Zen’s kick being a distance maker, because you actually have to get close enough for it to matter

  35. “Can’t we just be allowed to have fun for a little while?”

    My brother in the Iris you literally controlled the meta for the last 2 to 3 years.

  36. IwasawasStrings

    Ever since OWL, OW has consistently shit on their tank and support players at the behest of dps players begging to be able to teamwipe with ease, because the audience wants faster gameplay and skirmishes over longer, drawn out, communication and teamwork based fights. They nerfed all healing and shields overall TWICE. They buffed dps characters that were already melting other players. They neutered any support’s ability to fight back against flanking dps characters. They made tanks and supports that NEED to damage in order to tank or support- not entirely a problem, but it’s entirely ridiculous to be upset with the Moira for not healing when dpsing is so much better rewarded. They even made support POTGS harder to get, so even an absolutely amazing support that you can say carried the team on their back wouldn’t get rewarded for keeping the team alive during a double ult and it’d go to Junkeat’s death bombs going off and killing 2 people. Most people here are saying OW’s downfall was Brig? Nah. OW’s downfall was catering to whiny dps players and top 500 to the point that they took away Group Rez and gave Mercy Valkyrie- a ult that turns Mercy into a slightly lower tier Pharah clone for 10 seconds- and gave Mercy a 3 second, easily interruptable, entirely undefended cast animation for Rez, when the move worked entirely as intentioned ever since they made it. I’ll always remember the interview with like, 12 different OWL players that a said they wanted Rez nerfed because she “can undo all my hard work by pressing Q” as if “all THEIR hard work” didn’t involve PRESSING Q. I’ve been all over the ranking map since the game started- gold, platinum, I even made it up to masters for a few games. I’ve never not once been upset with an enemy Mercy for undoing my ult, as if it wasn’t my or my team’s fault for not taking the 200HP angel out first. Smh

  37. Yeah I have a feeling all these post/comments claiming you’d enjoy playing supports in beta more than in OW1 if you just “positioned better” are written by people who don’t play support.

  38. Hiro_Trevelyan

    All I see is DPS being cry-babies because they will need actual skills to get some kills, waaah waaah.
    Seriously, it feels like some DPS just want to play a beat-them-all.

  39. “Support are complaining so much? NO; supports haven’t complained ENOUGH!!” – mL7 (16. apr. 2022, The rant of overwatch support).

    That’s why DPS is getting so much content and development: they complain nonstop, both in game and out. On a team there are 2 supports and 2 dps, but there are twice as many dps heroes. Even tank heries, which in OW2 you’ll only have 1 off, outnumber supports.

  40. People who don’t play support absolutely love any new excuse to blame support

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