PS5 Stuck On Checking for Updates

So Last week I started playing this game again with my friend to see how to game developed.I had no problems until today when I opened the game on PS5 and I was stuck either on:-downloading Keychain , downloading profile , connecting , checking for updates and if I had the patience I would’ve gotten in the game but couldn’t see the shop and store and couldn’t matchmake.I’ve tried everything , rebuild my database , cleared my cache , uninstalled the game like 3 times , changed from LAN to wifi , checked the fortnite servers or tried to see if there are any ppl with the same problem but nothing [worked.My](https://worked.My) suspicion is that it has to do something with the latest update(26.04.2022) but I’m no expert.
Any tips would help 🙂

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1 thought on “PS5 Stuck On Checking for Updates”

  1. MedhanshMurthy07

    Ihave the same problem and I’ve done exactly all of that and still hasn’t worked. It’s really frustrating.

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