Pump shotgun headshot damage changed


So it has come to my knowledge that epic decided to make the maximum headshot damage of the pump shotgun to 185. Doesn’t this kind of defeat the whole purpose of the pump? Especially now with the stinger meta, by the time you switch to another gun the other guy can just spam the shit out of you. The purpose of the pump was to end fights quickly and punish those players.

If you have a differing opinion, I would like to hear it, and saying anything about “sweats” is not a valid argument.


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6 thoughts on “Pump shotgun headshot damage changed”

  1. The Striker Pump before was awful if you didn’t/couldn’t build. Now I’ve caught myself using it and actually getting kills rather than dealing 3 damage and dying instantly.

  2. Epic have been making moves that clearly show they intend to raise the time fights take to end. Overshield, advanced movement, max damage caps, massive instant healing items… it’s all pretty clear they don’t want two seconds fights anymore.

    With that said, the Drummy still can end fights that fast if you’re close enough. Why? Who knows.

  3. It’s pretty situational/niche IMO. If you are dancing around a building with someone and they have a drum and/or smg and are at a not-too-far range, you will probably get melted. I’ve had luck with it when I have position and let the other person make the first move. If footsteps are below me I’ll just crouch/follow them and if the guy clambers up, pop him with the shotty then finish him off. I’d typically drop it for a different shotty unless the pump is a much better rarity I might keep it. But you really can’t aggress/take 50/50 fights with it, you mostly gotta use it up close/letting the opponent move to you so you can have first crack at them. BTW I only play zero build so no idea how it fares in build mode.

  4. Don’t worry. It does 128 body damage now. People will use it and love it since it takes *even less* aim than the already outrageous 116 body damage prior to deal stupidly high damage to someone.

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