PvP hopes

I’m hoping for more open world PvP areas like Nazjatar was, rather than what open world has devolved into: groups ganking solo players. Would love for more bigger brawls to break out more sporadically. More of a throwback to what Vanilla had with large scale capital city sieges.

Anyone else?

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2 thoughts on “PvP hopes”

  1. TheLordLongshaft

    Nazjatar was also a festival of groups ganking solos

    You also saw that in the battles all of alliance and horde would join different shards because they would just make raid groups.

    I did enjoy the back a D firth fight between the horde Nd alliance bases though that was cool with lower numbers.

    The problem is diving into 5/6 enemies is doable diving into 30 is not

  2. >groups ganking solo players.

    This has been world PvP since vanilla. There’s a reason world PvP is mostly dead, people don’t enjoy getting killed without even the chance of fighting back.

    That’s why Holinka said it’s hard to incentivize world PvP since it’ll always just turn into a group of 10+ players camping a flight path instantly killing anyone who shows up. That will always happen, and it always has.

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