PvP: I have under 60k health. I get yelled at alot. What am I supposed to do?

I like to play random battlegrounds. Or at least I did in Legion. I am not sure what happened between then and Shadowlands but it seems like in BFA and now the power difference between super geared and moderately geared is high.

Okay, fair enough. I recently came back to the game and started doing random BGs with my rogue. Unbuffed, the rogue has 51k health. I’ve been slowly trying to build conquest points through the weekly pvp quests, but it’s slow. I only recently picked up a second dagger and got my legendary to 291. But I am still grossly undergeared.

The problem is that people in BGs always yell at me and others who are undergeared. I mean, what am I supposed to do about it other than gradually build it up? Yes, I get one-shot on a regular basis and I barely tickle the enemies. But I can’t help that the game doesn’t group people by gear score. It throws us all in the same match.

Would we win if more of us had better gear? Yes. But you can’t get better gear unless you play in the battlegrounds and get the conquest points.

Am I missing something?

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7 thoughts on “PvP: I have under 60k health. I get yelled at alot. What am I supposed to do?”

  1. Honest answer:
    If you’re getting yelled at in RANDOM BGs about your HP, ignore the person and enjoy the PvP. It’s not rated. Have fun and blast.

  2. sarcasticpitocin

    Ignore them. Laugh at them. Ask them why their “godly multiglad 4K rated ass” isn’t carrying you.

    You’re doing what you have to do to get gear.

  3. AcherusArchmage

    Still waiting for better scaled pvp so it’s less about outgearing your opponent and more about outskilling and teamwork

  4. Just salty dogs I’ve been playing this game far to long like for random bgs for me it’s all about damage done at the end of the match sometimes it’s me at number one followed by 6-7 horde and then another ally and I just say oh rough game to myself and then life goes on like no use wasting that kind of energy on RANDOM pvp no ranking no voice

    And even with like arena any day in arena is better then playing a game of LoL for an hour then losing

    Best thing u can do is engage in all modes of play and fill ur vault with loot every week raid dungeon and pvp what more can a man do?

  5. Gear is huge now yeah, youre gonna have to get some pvp gear or pve for gear thats higher ilvl or youre just a liability unfortunately. This will not be as big of an issue in the next expansion theyre normalizing pvp gear i think.

  6. I’ve noticed that even when I’m on my really shitty geared characters, the people doing all of the complaining have usually made almost zero contribution to the match. I’ve been called out for low ilvl or low hp by people who’ve done only a tiny fraction of my dmg/heals/hks. You can have all the gear in the world and still not contribute to wins.

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