Question about Placements


What does the first placements games start from? From your current rank in the last season, or from your highest rank? Let’s say my highest rank is 2500, but I lost many times and became 2000 rank, from where will my placements games go? From plat or from gold?


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  1. The **very first** set of placements for each role / Competitive modes start you at around 2300 SR and adjust you from there.

    But 5 (or 10) games aren’t enough to give the matchmaker a decent read on your skill level, so the next couple dozen matches will result in your MMR – and SR – being adjusted a lot until you settle at the right spot. It’s not uncommon for players to qualify into low Gold and then drop to Silver or Bronze over subsequent matches.

    Once your rank has been established, that’s where you’ll start your placements at next season.

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