29 thoughts on “Retroactively add dragonriding to older (Drake) mounts”

  1. What I get from the information provided for dragon riding so far it seems to be entirely disconnected from other mounts (they always refer to it as “some form of flying”). You will only get one customizable dragon.

    I doubt your dragon will even show up in the mounts tab, it will probably be more of an ability that you will only be able to use in the Dragon Isles zones.

    Though they could add customization that makes the dragon look like your old drakes.

  2. I find it odd, maybe it’s just me- I never considered wyverns or pteros proper drakes/dragon family related.

  3. It’s funny that the Term “Wyvern” was all the time used for a Manticore and now it’s the first time it’s been used correctly.

  4. Conscious_Occasion

    None of those four dragons have necks and it irritates me so bad for some reason.

  5. Based on how they described it – it isn’t actually flying so you may regret that.

    I don’t know if it’ll be as bad as just gliding – or whether you’ll be able to sustain flight for a while. But Ion said in non-expansion zones Dracthyr will only have it function as ‘gliding ++’.

    We need to see some gameplay of the system before we jump to conclusions because my current taken is its basically DH gliding with some momentum mechanics.

  6. God that ptero-dragon looks goofy. I could happily pick any of the other three but I’ll definitely give that one a miss.

  7. I do have some questions about this system:

    – Are the dragon riding drakes going to be usable as regular flying mounts outside of the Dragon Isles?

    – Are we going to be able to use Dragon Riding outside of the Dragon Isles or is that going to require a skybox revamp?

    – Are we going to be able to use our other dragons/flying mounts to do Dragon Riding on the Isles?

    Have any of the interviews addressed any of this? I know the Hazel interview mentioned that mounts are still going to be acquirable during this expansion, but I don’t know if dragon riding is going to apply to these.

  8. If enough people engage with and like the system they probably go back and fix flying everywhere.

    For now it’s just this mount on the dragon isles

  9. I hope that’s where they’re going with this. Make the mounts more fun not just a matter of convenience

  10. Accomplished-Fix3996

    Probably patch x.1 or x.2 .. frankly, near the end of the expansion seems more likely. Unless Blizzard drastically changed, I don’t see them doing work like this in any kind of reasonable amount of time

  11. SirDeadSerious

    So with Dragonriding coming with the new xpac it would be a good chance to retroactively add it to mounts that share the same model, this really only applies to Proto/Standard drake models as Ptero/Wyvern currently don’t have drake skins until added with Dragonflight.

    Since we’re not gonna be able to use normal mounts for flying at the start why not add older drakes to the roaster, now ofc these won’t have custome options like the new ones coming but it’s an easy win with how many Proto/Standard drake models are currently in the game

  12. Every existing Dragon themed mount that fits those models should be a skin option for Dragon flying.

  13. This 100%

    Some of the older drake/dragon mounts have taken players a *ton* of effort.

    Think tlpd, aeonaxx, Sha, nalak and the infinite timereaver. To a lesser extent, the 3 dragon soul mounts, onyxia, elegon etc.

    To have an xpac about dragons and not include them in a new dragon riding feature would be silly.

  14. WoW: Spend 15 years grinding for your favorite mounts.
    Dragonflight: LOL, using them this xpac is pointless.

  15. ThriceDamnedSandwich

    Honestly, wasn’t onboard with the new mounts until I saw that awesome Drake. Only one that go actual arms.

  16. We already kinda have ”dragonriding“ on the engineering mounts and some other mechanical type mounts. Should not be hard to share the code with other mount types? The random swirls they do when flying.

  17. I mean, I agree to some extent, but you will be able to customize your drakes, so you can theoretically recreate most of them with customization (ala change colour to recreate the normal drakes and proto drakes)

  18. I mean, they did say that if it’s well-accepted, they intend on expanding the concept to older areas, so i guess “dragonriding” being applied to older mounts is not off the table.

  19. It’s so sad how they need to re-use the pterodactyl skeleton and pretend it’s a dragon. Back in MoP that skeleon was made for a single enemy type in a single patch, 5.2. And now their budget is so emaciated they can’t even make a single new skeleton for an entire expansion

  20. Yeah even if it doesn’t use the current mount buttons it should be a customization option.

  21. Ah, but see, it’s *DRAGON*riding, not drake/wyvern/protodrake riding!


    It’d be cool, but I don’t expect it from Blizzard lol

  22. I’d imagine they’ll implement it across all mounts/zones if its a hit with the player base. Gotta do some trial and error. Could easily do something similar to the summon random/favorite mount button and just turn mounts into one uniform ability with each obtainable mount essentially being a skin for the core dragonriding/flying ability.

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