Rorschach X Fortnite Concept Art

This is my concept Art for the famous DC hero, Known as Rorschac, or Walter Kovics, He would be reactive, every emote and effect would change the Rorschach, bouncing high would have a shocked face like Rorschac, diving would be the same, gliding he would have a neutral Rorschac, shooting would be an angry/serious Rorschac, and emoting would be a happy Rorschac. His styles would be “reactive”, “not reactive”, “unmasked”, “reactive (NO FEDORA)”, and “not reactive (NO FEDORA)”. Harvesting tool: “The Punisher” a pole with his grappler gun on the top. Glider: “The Rorschach Test”, a glider that when activated a Rorschach would cover the screen for 2 seconds before disappearing, it would be a piece of paper with a constantly changing Rorschach on it. His backbling: “Rorschach’s journal” it would be a journal with a Rorschach on it, every elimination you got the journal would open up and write the amount of kills you have currently. Therefore ending the list

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