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  1. I don’t think galakrond will be the main threat. I do think there may be a time travel related raid with him as a boss. But if we are following the trend of mists i think we will see a rise of a faction leader *cough cough* turalyon starting to be antagonist

  2. I keep on seeing people say we didn’t know Garrosh was the big bad but I swear to god I remember 14 y/o lore nerd me freaking out because they said garrosh was gonna be the bad guy really early on

  3. Correct me if I’m wrong but wasn’t MoP revealed in the era of WoW where they straight up told us who the final boss was gonna be in the panel after they announced it, and they said it was Garrosh?

    I seem to remember one of the complaints about MoP being Garrosh’s arc would’ve been a bit more interesting if we didn’t have full confirmation we were gonna kill him in the end

  4. Man, if the raids and class gameplay are as great in Dragonflight as they were in MoP I’ll be big happy.

  5. Pandaria was a blast and is a continent I genuinely enjoy being on even today, so if that is the case, I’m all in.

  6. I hope it’s like MoP.

    I had so much fun in MoP, doing heroic dungeons and random BGs, questing collecting treasure…

  7. I would’nt call pandaren “unexpected” as they were present in the lore since War3.
    On top of that, the firsts Burning Crusade drafts had the pandarens join the alliance insread of the draenei.

  8. JustburnBurnBURN

    Pandaren – new race, two sexes with their own body models and animations. Have access to more than one class. Models with the highest amount of polygons for their time. The first race to have facial and cloak animations.

    Dracthyr – female worgen/dreadlord/whatever modified skeleton that for some reason has only one body type despite sexual dimorphism present among dragonkin. Reuses animations, can’t wear armors and its visage form borrows horns from demon hunters and draenei. It’s limited to one class.

    Imagine wanting Drakonids for years only to end up with Dracthyr who for some reason unlike most dragonkin in the universe have skink slim bodies and at best are a glorified allied race-class.

  9. well seeing as I had a ton of fun in MOP I’m happy?


    Also, pleases give shaman a tank spec, thank you

  10. Alternative_Anxiety

    Pandaria was high quality, overlooked because it was sandwiched between the turds Cataclysm and Warlords and gets associated with a period where the game mostly was regarded as frustrating

  11. I’m fairly sure Pandaland wasn’t hidden because of the sundering tho.

    Any loremonger to shed some light on this topic ?

  12. I laughed at pandaria and didn’t play it, I had been out of wow anyway and wasn’t coming back for panda land. Regretted that choice as everyone seems to have loved it.

    I laughed at dragonaria, am away from wow anyway. Coming back for it on the off chance I would miss pandaland 2

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