Should I give Fortnite my IP address?

I haven’t played Fortnite in months but I got on a couple weeks ago and wanted to buy the battle pass because I had around 1,000 V-Bucks when I left. (I had the previous season’s battle pass)
But when I went to buy it I noticed all my V-Bucks were gone.
I know I didn’t spend them so I messaged Fortnite on their website with live chat for help and they wanted to talk over email. They gave me a list of things they will need because my account and email have both been compromised.
They need the receipt of the last thing I bought on my epic games account, the city and state of where I did that, my gamer tag, and my IP address. So I was wondering if it was safe to file out that information to them or if they are trying to scam me or something

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4 thoughts on “Should I give Fortnite my IP address?”

  1. It’s safe . Btw why did you contact Epic when you could have bought the BP yourself ?

  2. As long as you know 100% what you’re messaging is legit, it should be safe. Also keep in mind that they already have your IP, you’re essentially telling them which one is actually yours, because your account has been accessed by another one and they have to lock the bad one out.

  3. Confirm it’s the official Epic Games website. I don’t remember them ever having a messaging system. Something isn’t also adding up with your e-mail AND account being compromised, because surely they wouldn’t want to e-mail you on a compromised e-mail. Plus why would they need your gamer tag if they have your e-mail, you need one to make an account in the first place unless you’re not on PC. And they shouldn’t need IP address if they have to receipt, because they should have all the transaction info they’d need. Really sketchy because I know Epic keeps logs of all transactions, part of why their support is effective.

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