39 thoughts on “Should the Dev team add more crazy awesome emotes like this one? That would be cool!”

  1. Pretty sure I’ve had this skin since the early season of OWL. Always get comments on how cool it was. But I think they gave out more credits then.

  2. i just wish it was available in game normally, and not exclusively tied to bullshit.

  3. CoyoteBanana

    Maybe? But I’d rather they spend the time on new heroes or maps instead.

  4. OP they are barely managing to give content to this game after 3+ years of life support, lets not tax them with anything wildly difficult like a simple emote, you have to remember how small and indie this company is

  5. It’s not a matter of should they add them, it’s when will they add more cool emotes, I want them to add a lot more emotes with props, those are the best.

  6. redditcasual6969

    I think they need a team just for OWL skins and emotes, so they can pump them out regularly.

    It would be a great way to get more viewers or up the tokens sales, either one would be good for the league.

  7. InTimeToSomething

    it will happen because battlepass will happen… I’m cool with that though.

  8. ALikeSupreme

    Lucia’s ultimate should be a mini game where that pops up. If you hit all your notes you add more shield to teammates in a wide aoe and boop in a radius around you and you are covered by a small bubble shield so enemies have to get close or break it. You just jeep jamming until you mess up or die.

  9. I think yes, but in game. Maybe this type of content release with the season of competitive in game, and you spend your points in content like this.

  10. Environmental_Pop268

    I feel like this was back when overwatch was fun and we got cool new surprises instead of only balance patches or half assed skins

  11. Motor_Judgment_214

    Would love a DVA emote that lets u actually play her mech’s onboard video game until the match starts

  12. JC_the_Builder

    For some reason Blizzard has never done paid for cosmetics. Here they want to monetize the game somehow but don’t do the obvious. Players would drop $5 for fun emotes like this on their main characters.

    Just look how much money the pink Mercy skin raised for charity.

  13. I just wonder why the OWL stuff can only be bought at specific times.

    They’re not event skins, so why can’t I get them whenever?

    Like pirate bastion.

  14. They need to let me cancel emotes so I don’t get shot when I trigger on on accident instead of a voiceline.

  15. No, I’d prefer the developers spend their time on making the game less shitty

  16. WanderingBullet

    For second there, I thought it cost only 15 tokens to purchase.

    And, yeah the emote does look cool.

  17. No, i think the effort should be put somewhere else….
    I would trade all emotes against 1 more map.

  18. MayorOfGulag

    Does it not mess with hit boxes / map geometry? Very cool, but wouldn’t be worthwhile if they cause more gameplay issues than they’re worth or offer players a chance to abuse them.

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