Since they are getting influenced from Guild wars 2, I hope they take into consideration that mount casting is very outdated. Hoping we can get some seamless mount animations going into Dragonflight.

Since they are getting influenced from Guild wars 2, I hope they take into consideration that mount casting is very outdated. Hoping we can get some seamless mount animations going into Dragonflight.

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37 thoughts on “Since they are getting influenced from Guild wars 2, I hope they take into consideration that mount casting is very outdated. Hoping we can get some seamless mount animations going into Dragonflight.”

  1. Dragon riding in the next expansion is a test to overhaul the mount system. That’s my bet.

  2. I always thought the whole point was that it was supposed to take you a few seconds, so any nearby mobs or pvpers would have a chance to draw you into combat. I’m not saying I like it that way, just that I always assumed it was intentional.

  3. Always felt that GW2 do a much better job concerning mounts, movement and direction compared to WoW, it seems that our mounts are stuck in 2004 moving only left right down up.

  4. Rider animations are outdated too, please fix them

    We are literally frozen on our mounts, it looks stupid as hell

  5. As a druid im stuck using forms.. why would i use a mount with a casttime when travel form is instant? I wish mounts would be instant so i can feel like im not penalized for using them.

  6. GW2 didn’t even have mounts the last time I played, these look fun. I’m guessing you need to be max level and have the latest expansion to use these?

  7. To be fair, special summon animations for mounts are already implemented for certain cases (like most if not all class mounts, some store mounts, and the mage tower mount).

    That being said, I agree that this should be a feature for every mount, or at least every mount added in the next expansion (why should a store mount have a special summon animation, but not the AotC/Cutting Edge mount, or the KSM and Gladiators mounts?).

    I doubt they’ll retroactively give every mount a unique summon animation, but maybe if they add a special summon animation for the drakes or proto-drakes, it could be added to every mount that shares the same skeleton an animations.

  8. Maybe still have a cast time in War Mode, but other than that I don’t see a problem with it being a smoother transition.

  9. Shadow_Nirvana

    Yes, fucking yes. The animation is so scuffed, too. Rubbing your hands together like you are devising a sinister plan lmao.

    Also, why even have a mounting cast time, especially in PvE? We already have a zero cast time mount (Halloween broom) and that doesn’t cause any major problems, just make it the norm.

  10. If you time it just right, you can launch into the air with your Springer, and then switch to your Griffon when you’re up in the air, to start from a higher altitude.

  11. How long does it take to get mounts in GW2? After seeing all these posts I kind of want to play just to run around with the mount physics.

  12. Also study how important animations are to the feel of a mount with gravity and momentum

    Horses in red dead redemption are great because they move like a horse and transition in speeds like a horse

    Horses in skyrim are ass cause they just rotate and wobble around awkwardly at all times

  13. Imagine a game that took the lessons from WoW AND GW2 on what worked and what didn’t. Both games have done so much right that the other hasn’t, but together they could really be something special.

  14. “That would be very complex and take resources away from a raid tier”

    –Literally anytime something cool/innovative is asked for.

  15. As a druid main, that absolutely loves flight form and the quality of life it provides, I’m 100% on board with giving everyone an instant flying mount. It would be kinda hard to balance in pvp, unless they make them keep their cast time in pvp tho.

  16. I’m really starting to realize that WoW hasn’t actually updated any systems for like 10 plus years. New systems that get discarded the next expansion, sure, but very very few genuine just updates.

  17. How would this work in regards to World PvP and PvP in general? It would in a small way fuck with it

    Edit: someone suggested a 30 second cooldown on mounting after PvP combat and that is a good start. On top of that, to help catching people insta mounting and running the moment they see you, I’d suggest you lower cast time and increase range on the net gun and you got 0 issues left that I can think of.

    Let’s have it blizzard!

  18. Mea_ne_coule_pas

    I agree animations need a refresh on EVERY MOUNTS but i disagree concerning casting. It’s important in a game with World PvP to not bé able to fly away litteraly at thé first issue.

  19. Another influence I would like to see is a epic battleground in the style of their WvW.

  20. At this point I hope they steal all the good content from other mmo’s and add them to wow.

  21. DuftenderHamster

    As a druid, I’m already used to having no cast time. Every time I play with one of my alts it totally annoys me. That’s why I wish that finally all classes have the possibility to instant mount.

  22. That looks smooth I wish wow had that. That stupid cast is annoying and a old and dated system.

  23. GW2 does mounts in a great way! instead of having a static animation to most mounts in WoW, the mounts in GW2 feels much more “alive” with their animations. Like the start running and stop animation on the Raptor as an example.

    Also being able to instantly mount with a cool animation feels like such a blessing, but I dunno if blizzard will hesitate on this with some form of excuse as “would be *problematic* in M+ with people being able to instantly mount” or something else that is way too picky

  24. I hope so. Even if theres still a cast time buy you can do it while running. Be even cooler if you could in combat too. Either way, im pretty psyched for Alexstrazareoth

  25. ChesterDrPepper

    I haven’t played Wow since just after burning crusade came out .. why do the dragon models look the same as they did back in Blackrock depths?

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